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Are iron meteorites worth anything?

Are iron meteorites worth anything?

Meteorites are quite valuable, worth as much as $1,000 per gram, according to the LiveScience website. Kellyco Metal Detectors posted on eBay that it can sell for $300 per gram or more — meaning 1 pound could be worth $1 million. “Meteorites are rarer than gold, platinum, diamonds or emeralds.

Are pallasite meteorites rare?

The space rocks known as pallasites, first discovered in 1794, are very rare, with only about 50 known. These meteorites are mixtures of iron-nickel metal and translucent, gem-quality crystals of the green mineral olivine.

How much is a meteorite worth today?

According to Meteorlab, ordinary iron meteorites cost between dollars and dollars per gram, while rock meteorites cost between $20 and $20 per gram, but can exceed $1,000 per gram..

Are meteorites worth any money?

Meteorites are heavy, so a quality slice the size of a small dinner plate is worth thousands of dollars. A prime specimen will easily fetch $50/gram while rare examples of lunar and Martian meteorites may sell for $1,000/gram or more — almost forty times the current price of gold!

How can I tell if I found a meteorite?

I think I found a meteorite. How can I tell for sure?

  • Density: Meteorites are usually quite heavy for their size, since they contain metallic iron and dense minerals.
  • Magnetic: Since most meteorites contain metallic iron, a magnet will often stick to them.
  • Unusual shape: iron-nickel meteorites are rarely rounded.

Can I sell my meteorite?

If you have classified meteorites, or a meteorite collection for sale, we are meteorite buyers, so please contact us. We purchase individual meteorite specimens, entire collections, and also offer appraisal services.

Can you buy Pallasite?

Pallasites are often the most beautiful specimens in a buyers collection. Another interesting fact is that the Olivine in pallasites is Peridot, a gemstone which has been faceted into gemstones and used in jewelry.

What is the most expensive meteorite?

Brenham Meteorite Main Mass
The most expensive meteorite, according to the auction catalog, is the Brenham Meteorite Main Mass, and is expected to bring in 750,000 to 1.2 million dollars. The 1,433 pound specimen was found in 2005 in Kiowa County, Kansas.

How do you identify an iron meteorite?

Iron meteorites have a dense, silvery appearing interior with no holes or crystals. Stony iron meteorites are about half metal, half crystals of green or orange olivine. Stony meteorites contain small flecks of metal that are evenly distributed throughout the meteorite.

What if I found a meteorite?

I urge you to saw your rock in two or cut off an “end.” Use a tile saw or bring it to a local rock shop where they are likely to have a lapidary saw. Most (89%) stony meteorites are ordinary chondrites. Metal grains are easily visible on the sawn face of an ordinary chondrite. If you contact me, use email.