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Can I connect my DVD player to my TiVo box?

Can I connect my DVD player to my TiVo box?

If tivo, connect the tivo video and audio out to the dvd in. If the dvd first, then cab/sat box to dvd, then dvd out to tivo in. dvd use svideo to tivo. Connect the DVD player to the TV, not the TIVO.

Can you run 2 TVs off 1 TiVo box?

The only difference is 2 outputs or 4 outputs. If you only have 2 TVs then 2 is all you need.

How do I connect my TiVo box to a DVD recorder?

Press the TiVo button, select Now Playing, highlight the show you want to save, and then press SELECT. Select More options > Copy to DVD or VCR. Select Start Saving from the beginning. When you see the title screen (which only appears for a few seconds), press the RECORD button on the VCR or DVD recorder.

Can I use DVD player as amplifier?

Yes, generally Samsung DVD player requires TV to play Mp3 sound output. But some have Inbuilt amplifier with jacks for sound output. Some DVD player does not have sound output port and built in amplifier, in such cases you need speakers with Built in amplifier (amplifier according to your requirement).

Can you connect an old DVD player to a new TV?

Yes, you can connect an old DVD player to a new TV as long as your DVD player and TV have either HDMI ports or audio and video ports. Some old DVD players have both so you shouldn’t have any problem hooking it up with your new TV.

How do I watch TiVo on multiple TVs?

Mini box, max entertainment.

  1. Start with TiVo Roamio® Pro or TiVo BOLT VOX. Install the DVR in the main viewing room.
  2. Easily expand. Add a TiVo Mini VOX client on additional TVs in the home.
  3. Watch anywhere. The TiVo app for tablets and smartphones lets your customers watch live or recorded shows around the house.

Can I use my old TiVo box in another room?

Yes, you can! Your old TiVo box can be used in another room to continue watching Virgin Media TV as you usually would. All you need to do is connect the old TiVo box directly to your internet router via an Ethernet cable.

How do I connect my TiVo box to my surround sound?

If your home theatre system or A/V receiver supports video connections, use the yellow end of a Composite A/V cable to connect video from the TiVo DVR to the video input jack on your home theatre system or A/V receiver. For better quality video, use an S-Video cable if your system supports it.