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Does Hatchet have bad words?

Does Hatchet have bad words?

Hatchet is a story about getting back up. Brian gets in a plane crash and survives it. When the rescue team comes and they ignore him, he has a major obstacle in his path, no hope. He finds the survival pack at the end after facing his fear of seeing the pilot.

Why did Hatchet get banned?

In Gary Paulsen’s adventure story Hatchet, a teenage boy struggles to survive in the Canadian wilderness after a plane crash. The Newbery Honor book was challenged for graphic descriptions of trauma and injury.

How old should you be to read Hatchet?


Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 4 – 10 5.7

Is hatchet ok for 12 year olds?

I like that it is a survival book about a 13-year-old boy and not an adult. The book is someone repetitive, it has some good peeks where it bets very interesting but, it is a lot of the same things. I think that 11-13 would like this book.

What grade level is the hatchet?

Hatchet is normally read by kids and teenagers between 4th-12th grade.

What grade level is hatchet appropriate for?

What’s the secret in the hatchet?

We find out that the Secret is the fact that his mother is having an affair–Brian saw her with another man in a station wagon while he was riding bikes with Terry. The Secret happens well before Brian’s parents’ divorce, and Brian’s father never finds out, but Brian knows it’s the cause.

Is hatchet appropriate for 7th grade?

The book is just OK, but it may be long for somebody under the age of 8-7, depending on their reading level.

Was Hatchet made into a movie?

A Cry in the Wild is a 1990 coming of age-survival drama film based on the book Hatchet, written by Gary Paulsen. The film stars Jared Rushton as Brian, Pamela Sue Martin as Brian’s mom, Stephen Meadows as Brian’s dad, and Ned Beatty as the pilot.

Is hatchet a 7th grade book?