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Does Jacob marry Renesmee?

Does Jacob marry Renesmee?

Renesmee plays with Lucina when she was a kid. Renesmee got married to Jacob and made Lucina her maid of honor.

Who all died in Breaking Dawn Part 2?

Breaking Dawn – Part 2

  • Cougar – Thorat Eaten by Bella.
  • 12 People – Killed by a Vampire Boy.
  • Denail’s Mother – Torn apart by Marcus.
  • Unnamed Vampire Boy – Thrown into a fire by Jane.
  • Unnamed Punk Guy – Mauled by Garrett.
  • Toshiro – Torn Apart by the Volturi.
  • J.
  • Irina – Head torn off by Felix.

Why did Leah Clearwater become a werewolf?

This left Leah with a broken heart and she became a bitter and angry person as a result of this. It is said that Leah spent the whole night on the phone. Later on in the year, her father, Harry, suddenly dies of a heart attack. The reason is believed to be because Harry found out that Leah was turning into a werewolf.

Who did Seth imprint on?

Renesmee’s birth resolves the feud between the two packs as Jacob imprints on her, but Seth leaps between Bella and Jacob when the newborn Bella attacks Jacob upon discovering that he imprinted on Renesmee and nicknamed her “Nessie”.

Why did Jacob not imprint on Bella?

Since Jacob was into Bella before she was even pregnant, it could have been an attraction to her genetics and the child she would eventually create. Jacob’s entire basis for falling for Bella may have been because his werewolf genes could sense that she would create the person he would eventually imprint on.

Why did Alice leave Jasper?

After she “sees” the Volturi army approaching, she disappears with Jasper, leaving everyone to believe that they deserted the Cullens to save their own lives.

How did Carlisle become a vampire?

Although originally Carlisle was a disappointment, he eventually discovered a coven of true vampires living in the sewers. During a chase with them, Carlisle was bitten and changed into a vampire. To avoid slaughter, he hid in a potato cellar during the transformation.

How old is Seth twilight now 2021?

The actor was born on January 21, 1994, in Beverly Hills, California, United States. Booboo Stewart age is 27 years, as of 2021.

Who does Bella’s dad end up with?

Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined When Renée and her new husband move to Florida, Beau, now 17, decides to move back to Charlie’s for his junior and senior high school years. After a couple of months, Beau falls in love with a local vampire named Edythe Cullen.