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How are elements and compounds are similar?

How are elements and compounds are similar?

Elements and compounds are similar in that they are both made of atoms and in some cases molecules.

How are elements and compounds related quizlet?

An element is a pure substance that cannot be broken down into different substances. A compound is defined as a pure substance: formed when two or more elements chemically combine to form bonds between their atoms.

How is an element related to a compound and molecule?

A pure element will contain an atom of a single type, e.g: A pure piece of gold will contain only gold atoms, therefore it’s chemically pure. A molecule is two of the same atoms joined together chemically, most usually through covalent bonds. A compound is different types of elements chemically joined together.

What is similarities of elements?

There are very few similarities between elements, compounds and mixtures. Elements are composed of only 1 type of atoms and any subdivision can only result in same element. All the atoms of an element have the same properties (assuming they are the same isotope). Some examples are iron, magnesium, gold, etc.

How are elements and compounds similar quizlet?

How are elements and compounds similar? How do they differ? Both elements and compounds are pure substances. While elements are not made of simpler substances, compounds are made up of two or more chemical elements that are chemically combined.

How are atoms elements and compounds related quizlet?

Atoms join together to form elements, elements join together to form compounds. The atoms in a compound are held together by chemical bonds. Ionic or covalent are the two main types of chemical bonds.

What is the relationship between atoms and elements?

The relationship between elements and atoms is really quite simple: elements are made up of atoms. More specifically, elements are made up of only one type of atom. The element hydrogen, for example, is made up of only hydrogen atoms.

What characteristic distinguishes an element from a compound?

An element is a pure substance and is found on the periodic table. If you have more than one element chemically bonded, it is a compound.

Why do elements form compounds quizlet?

It tells what elements a compound contains and the exact number of the atoms of each element in a unit of that compound. Why do atoms form compounds? The electric forces between oppositely charged electrons and protons hold atoms and molecules together, and thus are the forces that cause compounds to form.