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How common is the last name Bain?

How common is the last name Bain?

Bain Surname Distribution Map

Place Incidence Frequency
United States 24,023 1:15,088
Bangladesh 8,201 1:19,431
Scotland 5,925 1:904
Australia 5,643 1:4,784

What does the name Bain mean in English?

Scottish: nickname for a fair-haired person, from Gaelic bàn ‘white’, ‘fair’. Northern English: nickname for a hospitable person, from northern Middle English beyn, bayn ‘welcoming’, ‘friendly’ (Old Norse beinn ‘straight’, ‘direct’). …

Is Bain a common name?

This is a common name in the Highlands, first recorded in Perth in 1324. It is also found as a reduced form of McBain. Northern English: nickname meaning ‘bone’, probably bestowed on an exceptionally tall, lean man, from Old English ban ‘bone’.

What clan does Bain belong to?

Clan Mackay
Bain Clan History: The Bain or Bayne family were a minor noble family in Scotland. The name comes from the Gaelic “Ban” which means fair. They are descended from the Clan Mackay. Iye Mackay was 1st Chief of the Clan Mackay.

What does Bain mean in Irish?


Irish English
1. bain bleed
2. bain mow
3. bain reap

Is there a bain tartan?

Designed by Trudi Mann of Wick for a Robert Bain of Lybster, Caithness. It was designated as a family tartan for all the Bains (regardless of spelling) of Caithness.

What does Bain mean in Scottish?

The Scottish surname Bains is derived from a nickname for a person with fair-hair. This name is derived from the Scottish Gaelic bàn, meaning “white”, “fair”. The name was common in the Scottish Highlands, and is first recorded in 1324 in Perth.

What does bane of my life mean?

the bane of (one’s) life The source or cause of one’s misfortune, unhappiness, frustration, or anxiety, usually used hyperbolically. I swear, this project is the bane of my life.

Where did the MacKay clan originate?

Clan Mackay (/məˈkaɪ/ mə-KY; Scottish Gaelic: Clann Mhic Aoidh [ˈkʰl̪ˠãũn̪ˠ vĩçˈkʲɤj]) is an ancient and once-powerful Highland Scottish clan from the far North of the Scottish Highlands, but with roots in the old Kingdom of Moray.

Is the bain of my life?

the bane of (one’s) life The source or cause of one’s misfortune, unhappiness, frustration, or anxiety, usually used hyperbolically. She’s been the bane of my life!

What does bain of my existence mean?

The noun bane refers to anything that is a cause of harm, ruin, or death. But we often use it for things that aren’t that bad, just feel like it. You might say mosquitoes are the bane of your existence.

Is Mackay a Viking name?

Mackay – or in Gaelic MacAoidha – is a Scottish Highland clan, deriving from mac meaning “son of” and Aoidh, often written in English as “Ive,” meaning “fire” and originally the name of a Celtic god: the Mackay clan came originally from Strathnaver in Caithness and was said to have had Pictish origins.