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How did Benjamin Orr from the Cars died?

How did Benjamin Orr from the Cars died?

Pancreatic cancer
Benjamin Orr/Cause of death

What happen to Benjamin Orr?

ATLANTA (AP) _ Benjamin Orr, the bass player of the popular 1980s group The Cars who also sang some of the band’s most popular songs, died Tuesday of pancreatic cancer. He was 53. Orr died at his Atlanta home, said Billy Johnson, manager of the musician’s current band, Big People.

Who is Benjamin Orr’s son?

Benjamin Orr/Sons

Is Benjamin Orr alive?

Deceased (1947–2000)
Benjamin Orr/Living or Deceased

Did Benjamin Orr get married?

Orr took a lengthy sabbatical from the rock business. In 1994, while the other Cars reunited for rehearsals, Orr debuted his new band – called simply Orr. Subsequently he moved from Vermont to Atlanta, and joined a band of rock veterans called Big People. His marriage ended in divorce: he leaves a son.

Are The Cars still alive?

The surviving original members reunited in 2010 to record the album Move Like This, which was released in May 2011, followed by a short tour. In April 2018, the Cars were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and reunited to perform at the induction ceremony.

Why did Benjamin Orr leave The Cars?

His skin seemed to be a different color and they wondered if he had hepatitis.” When Orr was diagnosed, his doctors suggested that he cease touring with Big People to regain some strength to endure treatment, Milliken adds.

Who died from The Cars?

Ric Ocasek
Ric Ocasek, leader of the Boston-based rock band The Cars and an influential music producer, has died, a New York Police Department spokesman confirmed to NPR. He was found unconscious Sunday afternoon at his townhouse in Manhattan.

Did The Cars do drugs?

Unlike most bands that made it big, The Cars did not do recreational or illicit drug use. The Cars were known to drink and stay up late and record most of their music throughout the night hours.

Who died from the cars?

Who got Ric Ocasek money?

Paulina Porizkova has reached a settlement with her late husband Ric Ocasek’s estate. While the grieving supermodel, 56, declined to reveal how much money she’ll receive after being cut out of the Cars frontman’s will, she slammed reports that he was only worth $5 million when he died in September 2019.

What killed Ric Ocasek?

15 September 2019
Ric Ocasek/Date of death