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How do you make a Christmas hat out of paper?

How do you make a Christmas hat out of paper?


  1. 1Make a half-circle. Draw and cut out a half-circle with a radius of 9-10 inches (diameter 18-20 inches) on red construction paper.
  2. 2Create a cone. Form the half-circle into a cone.
  3. 3Glue cotton at the base. Glue cotton all around the base of the cone.
  4. 4Glue cotton at the tip.
  5. 5Wear the hat.

How do you get a Christmas OptiFine hat?

As a special Christmas gift, donators will be able to turn on the Santa hat cosmetic by going to the cape editor in game (options -> skin customization -> OptiFine cape -> open cape editor) and enabling the santa hat then clicking save, after you’ve done it, in the optifine cape settings in game, click on ‘refresh cape …

What are Christmas hats made of?

The most traditional hat is made out of velvet or faux fur, but you can make simpler ones out of paper. You can even make a mini Santa hat headband.

How do you make a simple party hat?

Here are 5 easy steps to create your own party hat!

  1. Gather card stock paper, stapler, scissors, glue, string and decorative items of your choice.
  2. Cut the corners off of the card stock to form a large circle.
  3. Fold the paper to form a cone shape by overlapping the two cut corners—the two bottom edges of the triangle.

Does OptiFine give you a Santa hat?

It is given to people who donated to Optifine, go to and buy a cape and the Santa hat will be available until January 1.

How do you make your own party hat?

Cut out the shape, decorate, then bend into the shape of a cylinder for the crown hat, or a cone for the traditional party hat and staple together. Use a hole punch to put a hole on each side of the bottom edge of the hat and tie a piece of thin elastic though them and your hat is done!

How do you make a cone party hat?

Create a cone shape by folding one side of the cutout over the other. One side of the paper should overlap the other side, making a seam. You can make the cone as wide or as narrow as you want, but remember that it should be big enough to fit on your head.

What kind of paper do you use to make a party hat?

You can use construction paper you have at home, or buy some tagboard paper. Tagboard is a little thinner than poster board, and closer to the thickness of a traditional party hat. If you want to get really creative, buy some patterned or textured paper. Cut your paper into a circle.

Who are the sponsors of the Crazy Hat contest?

We dedicate the Crazy Hat Contest in Mike’s memory. Put your creative juices to work this year for the LSOC Crazy Hat Contest, sponsored by Williams Log Cabin Furniture. This year the theme is “Season’s Readings.” Pick out your favorite book and put it on your hat!