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How does Antony say that Caesar died?

How does Antony say that Caesar died?

The plebeians call the conspirators traitors and demand that Antony read the will. Looking at the body, Antony points out the wounds that Brutus and Cassius inflicted, reminding the crowd how Caesar loved Brutus, and yet Brutus stabbed him viciously. He tells how Caesar died and blood ran down the steps of the Senate.

What does Antony say about Caesar?

Mark Antony in his speech , gave the message , that Julius Caesar was neither ambitious nor greedy for power . Once they had loved him for a reason .

How does Caesar feel about death?

Caesar is clearly superstitious, and is less than heroic yet shows some great willingness to face death bravely. Maybe he is just too proud to let it stop him from going.

Did Mark Antony betray Caesar?

Mark Antony was generally a close friend and confidant of Julius Caesar. Antony betrayed Caesar’s trust by using his power to indulge in extravagance which displeased the citizens who were still suffering the effects of the civil war and thus tainted the administration’s reputation.

What rhetorical appeal is Antony making?

Antony makes use of ethos, pathos, and logos during his funeral speech in Act 3, Scene 2 of Julius Caesar in order to turn the plebeians against the conspirators, Brutus and Cassius. Antony uses ethos in many ways, but most prominently in his effort to describe Caesar himself as a moral leader.

What happens in Act 2 Scene 3 of Julius Caesar?

Artemidorus enters a street near the Capitol reading from a paper that warns Caesar of danger and that names each of the conspirators. He intends to give the letter to Caesar and he reasons that Caesar may survive if the fates do not ally themselves with the conspirators.

Did Antony really support Caesar?

Mark Antony served with distinction as a cavalry commander in Judaea and Egypt. He then joined the staff of Julius Caesar. When the Civil War broke out between Pompey and Caesar, Antony was tribune of the plebs and supported Caesar.

Was Antony involved in Caesar’s death?

As pressure increased against Caesar, Mark Antony joined his mentor in Gaul and engaged in a series of battles between Caesar and Pompey. Caesar’s actions led many to believe he was positioning himself to become king. A plot to assassinate him emerged, and on March 15, 44 B.C., he was killed in the Roman Senate.

How did Antony use ethos?

The most convincing use of ethos in Antony’s speech is in the first line of the speech; “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!” This shows that Mark Antony is trying to get in to the Roman crowd’s hearts with his status as a trustworthy man.

How did Antony use pathos?

The main component of Antony’s speech, Pathos, appealed to the commoners by striking an emotional spot inside them, trying to turn the fickle crowd against Brutus. Antony displayed the persuasive technique of Pathos by repeating words, showing them Caesar’s body, and presenting Caesar’s will.

Why does Antony call Brutus honorable?

Brutus was “gentle” (counter-intuitive as that might be for an assassin) and “noble” because he had a heart for others, not just for himself. Antony calls Brutus the noblest Roman of all because Brutus was the only one of the conspirators to do what he did in the interest of Rome, rather than for personal gain.

What happens in Act 3 Scene 3 of Julius Caesar?

A poet named Cinna is confronted by a group of conspirators asking questions. He attempts to answer them wittily, but they become angry and decide to kill him because he has the same name as one of the conspirators, although he protests that he is not the same man.