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How does Clark feel about his aunt Georgiana?

How does Clark feel about his aunt Georgiana?

Clark is really excited at the opportunity because he believes that his aunt will love it. Fortunately, Clark quickly realizes that his judgement is quite superficial, because Clark sees his aunt walking around with a wonderful sense of aloofness.

What is it that Clark understands at the end of the story?

story. He understand that Aunt Georgiana made the poor decision to elope and go live in Nebraska with her love and ended up stuck in this rural country life she did not want away from her passion of classical music.

How does the narrator feel about his aunt once cared for him?

How does the narrator of “A Wagner Matinee” feel about his aunt who once cared for him? The narrator’s feelings for his aunt in “A Wagner Matinee” are a mixture of gratitude, pity, and concern.

How do Clarks feelings toward his aunt change during the story?

Over the course of the story, Clark gains a better understanding of his aunt and what sacrifices she had to make to live on the prairie. He comes to appreciate her emotional complexity at a level he had not been able to before.

Why did Clark’s aunt cry at the opera?

Why did Clark’s aunt cry at the opera? She thought the production was terrible. She felt she had failed her own opera company. In “A Wagner Matinee,” which of the following factors probably contributed most to Aunt Georgiana’s general bewilderment during her visit?

What does Clark realize about his aunt and her love of music?

However, as he watches her, Clark understands that Georgiana is overwhelmed by her realization that she has lost something important to her—her music. The concert for the nephew and aunt becomes a renewal of lost emotions. The aunt goes back in time to her love of music and the depth of its impact on the heart.

Who is the narrator and why does he feel he owes a great debt to aunt Georgiana?

The narrator feels obliged to Aunt Georgiana because she has provided him the joy of music; so, after learning that she will soon arrive in Boston, he attains tickets to a concert. However, Clark is rather surprised that she does not react at first, and then she cries.

What did Clark learn from aunt Georgiana?

Expert Answers When he was a boy, Aunt Georgina taught Clark the subjects of Latin, Literature (namely Shakespeare and mythology), and Music (specifically how to play the organ that her husband had bought for her).

What is Clark’s initial feeling about being in public with his aunt quizlet?

What is Clark’s initial feeling about being in public with his aunt? Clark was embarrassed to go out in public with his aunt because she was really run down and everyone else is wearing bright colors and she was the only one wearing black.

What did Clark learn from Aunt Georgiana?

How do Clark and his aunt respond to the concert?

When she shows little reaction to one aspect of the concert and sits silently listening, Clark observes his aunt. Her eyes were closed, but the tears were glistening on her cheeks, and I think in a moment more they were in my eyes as well.

Why does Clark feel grateful to Aunt Georgiana?

Because Clark Howard relishes the delight that music brings to the senses and its message to the soul, he cherishes the memories of times when his Aunt Georgiana taught him piano lessons as he shared his aunt’s great enjoyment of music with her.