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How fast does blue-eyed grass spread?

How fast does blue-eyed grass spread?

The clump will get large year by year but you can dig it up and cut it into sections for new plants. Divide the plant in late winter every two to three years and you will have a scattering of the pretty flowers across the landscape. In addition to propagation by division, the flowers will produce seed in spring.

How tall is blue-eyed grass?

16″ tall
It is found throughout much of North America, except the far west and southeast. It can reach 24″ in height and produces 1″ wide blue-violet flowers on unbranched stems. S. mucronatum, needletip blue-eyed grass, grows to 16″ tall in height.

What is blue-eyed grass used for?

Many medicinal uses have been found for blue-eyed grass. Tea made from the roots was used by American Indians for treating diarrhea. Stomachaches were relieved by a tea made from the plants, and other concoctions have been used to treat various stomach and intestinal disorders.

How hardy is blue-eyed grass?

It can also be propagated by division of its rhizomes, and the flower stems can be rooted. It is moderately hardy and will tolerate temperatures down to 20 degrees F; -12 degrees Celsius. Blue eyed grass is very easy to grow and will easily reseed. Best to plant on flat areas, loamy soils that that hold moisture well.

Will blue eyed grass grow in shade?

An easy-to-grow plant, blue-eyed grass thrives in full sun or part shade and moist, well-drained soil.

Can you eat blue eyed grass?

Montana Plant Life indicates that blue eyed grass leaves are edible when cooked.

Can you eat blue-eyed grass?

Will blue-eyed grass grow in shade?

How do you keep blue eyed grass blooming?

  1. Light. Tolerant of light shade, blue eyed grass often flowers better when grown in full sun.
  2. Soil. The ground that it is growing in must drain well.
  3. Water. Blue eyed grass performs best in soils that are on the moist side.
  4. Fertilizer. Blue eyed grass needs a soil of only average fertility.

Will deer eat blue eyed grass?

Bright blue, star-shaped flowers rise above foliage! Native to North America. Vigorous grower with prolific blooms. Deer resistant and enjoyed by butterflies.

Will deer eat blue-eyed grass?

Does Blue Eyed Grass spread?

Star-shape, blue-purple flowers decorate blue-eyed grass in spring and early summer. A wonderful plant for edging a walkway or the front of a cottage garden border, this compact perennial grows in a slowly spreading clump.