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How many miles is Venus from the Sun?

How many miles is Venus from the Sun?

The true average distance from the Sun to Venus is about 108,000,000 km (67,000,000 miles) or 0.7 AU.

What number away from the Sun is Venus?

The average distance of Venus from the Sun is 67,237,910 miles or 108,208,930 km. Since Venus travels in an elliptical orbit around the Sun, its distance from the Sun varies throughout its year from 66,782,000 miles (107,476,000 km) to 67,693,000 miles (108,942,000 km).

How far is Venus from the Sun compared to Earth?

Venus orbits the Sun at a mean distance of 108 million km (67 million miles), which is about 0.7 times Earth’s distance from the Sun.

How many miles is each planet away from the Sun?

Planet (or Dwarf Planet) Distance from the Sun (Astronomical Units miles km)
Venus 0.723 AU 67.2 million miles 108.2 million km
Earth 1 AU 93 million miles 149.6 million km
Mars 1.524 AU 141.6 million miles 227.9 million km
Jupiter 5.203 AU 483.6 million miles 778.3 million km

How far from Earth is Venus right now?

Venus Distance from Earth The distance of Venus from Earth is currently 77,447,860 kilometers, equivalent to 0.517707 Astronomical Units.

How far from the sun does Venus orbit the Sun?

Orbit and Rotation of Venus. The distance of Venus from the sun as it orbits around is 108,000,000 kilometers (0.7 AU). It takes Venus 224.65 days to complete its orbit, which means a year on Venus is approximately 224.65 Earth days. While all planets’ orbits are elliptical, Venus’ orbit is the only one which is closest to circular.

What planets are closest to the Sun?

In our solar system, there are four terrestrial planets, which also happen to be the four closest to the sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

Is Uranus farthest away from the Sun?

Uranus is more than 19 times farther from the Sun than Earth is. Uranus is an average distance of 1,783,939,400 miles or 2,870,972,200 kilometers from the Sun.

What is the distance of all planets from the Sun in kilometers?

Explanation: The distances of all the planets from the Sun in scientific notation and exponential form- Mercury- 57 million kilometers. Scientific notation- 5.7⋅107 km Venus – 108 million kilometers. Scientific notation- 1.08⋅108 km.