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Is Bruce Welch ill?

Is Bruce Welch ill?

Guitarist Bruce Welch, a founding member of the legendary instrumental group The Shadows, is suffering from cancer. The 58-year-old musician told The Mirror newspaper that he will be operated on for prostate cancer next week.

What happened to Bruce Welch?

Bruce Welch is rhythm guitarist for The Shadows, one of the most successful British bands of the 1950s and 60s. Once engaged to Olivia Newton-John, Bruce has been married twice and has two children. Now 72, he is single and lives in south-west London.

When did Cliff Richard leave The Shadows?

They disbanded in 1968, but reunited in the 1970s for further commercial success. The Shadows are the fifth most successful act in the UK singles chart, behind Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Cliff Richard and Madonna….

The Shadows
Associated acts Cliff Richard, Marvin, Welch & Farrar, Olivia Newton-John

Why did Jet Harris leave shadows?

In 1962, Harris left The Shadows following disagreements, mostly with Bruce Welch over his drinking habit (documented in The Story of the Shadows, written by the group with Mike Read).

What is Bruce Welch’s real name?

Bruce Cripps
Bruce Welch/Full name

Is Hank Marvin still married?

He is currently married to Carole, with whom he had two children. Since 1986, Marvin has lived in Perth, Western Australia.

Do the shadows still perform?

They permanently disbanded in 1990 but temporarily reformed in 2004-05 for a UK and European tour and again during 2008–10 to tour with Cliff Richard.

How old is Bruce Welch?

80 years (November 2, 1941)
Bruce Welch/Age

Are the original shadows still alive?

The original drummer with pop group The Shadows, who played on hits such as Apache, has died aged 62. The Shadows guitarist Bruce Welch said Meehan died in hospital on Monday from head injuries sustained in a fall. “It is so tragic,” he said. “Tony was a hugely influential drummer and a very clever arranger.”

How much are The Shadows worth?

Shadows Net Worth $20 Million.

Who was Jet Harris wife?

Carol costam. 1959–2011
Jet Harris/Wife

Do The Shadows still perform?