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Is Izmir University of Economics private?

Is Izmir University of Economics private?

İzmir University of Economics is a private, non-profit university in Izmir, on the Turkish Aegean coast. Established in 2001, the institution hosts approximately 9,500 students across 32 different associate degree programmes, 35 undergraduate and 38 postgraduate degree courses, as well as nine PhD programmes.

What is the number one university in Iran?

University of Tehran
Iran (Islamic Republic of)

ranking World Rank University
1 396 University of Tehran
2 478 Tehran University of Medical Sciences
3 647 Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences
4 657 Amirkabir University of Technology

Is University of Tehran prestigious?

It is also one of the most prestigious universities in the Middle East. Based on its historical, socio-cultural, and political pedigree, as well as its research and teaching profile, UT has been nicknamed “The Mother University of Iran” (Persian: دانشگاه مادر‎).

What is the best high school in Iran?

Top schools of NODET (and also Iran’s top) are Allameh Helli High School and Shahid Madani High School (in Tabriz), Farzanegan High School (Tehran), Shahid Ejei High School (Isfahan), Shahid Hashemi Nejad High School (Mashhad) and Shahid Soltani School (Karaj).

Is University free in Iran?

According to article 3 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iran guarantees “free education and physical training for everyone at all levels, and the facilitation and expansion of higher education.”

What is the oldest university in Iran?

The University of Tehran
The University of Tehran (Tehran University or UT, Persian: دانشگاه تهران‎) is the oldest modern university located in Tehran, Iran….University of Tehran.

دانشگاه تهران
Coat of arms of the University of Tehran
Established 1851 (Dar ul-Funun) 1899 (Tehran School of Political Sciences) 1934 (Modern University)