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Is Kluck a word?

Is Kluck a word?

kluck. slang A stupid, bumbling, or foolish person; a dunce.

What does Kluck mean?

variant of Gluck. Germanized form of Czech Kluk, a nickname meaning ‘lad’, ‘boy’, in German also having the sense ‘rogue’.

What is the meaning of clucked in English?

to make the low, interrupted noise that a chicken makes. [ I or T ] informal. to express disapproval or other emotion by making a short, sharp sound with your tongue: to cluck in disapproval/amazement.

How do you spell Wheelock?

Wheelock Definition & Meaning |

Is cluck a swear word?

They say that the word “cluck” is all about the noise a chicken makes and nothing about it can be interpreted as an expletive or possibly encourage children to make a connection between the world “cluck” and “f*ck.”

What does cluck mean in slang?

(informal) A stupid or foolish person. noun. 6. To utter the characteristic sound of a hen.

What does clucking mean in medical terms?

Withdrawal. Around the turn (after a period of withdrawal), cold turkey (completely stopping drug use), clucking, detox, DT’s, jonesing, shakes, super-flu.

What is Squeak?

1 : to make a short high-pitched cry or sound. 2 : to barely get, win, or pass He squeaked through the fence. squeak. noun. Kids Definition of squeak (Entry 2 of 2)

What is Wheelock mean?

winding river
Wheelock or Wheelocke is an English surname and given name. It is derived from the Old Welsh (or possibly Ancient British Celtic) ancestor of the Welsh word chevel-og, meaning ‘winding river’ (see River Wheelock).

What does your a Clucker mean?

2 : a stupid or naive person a dumb cluck.

What is clucking your tongue?

to cluck one’s tongue = to tut. (Often with the nuance that the people (usually women) are doing it from disapproval.) To cluck = to make a sound like a hen calling her chickens. Also written “tsk.” From the American Heritage Dictionary: a t-like sound made by suction rather than plosion.