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Is Santiago successful as a fisherman Why or why not?

Is Santiago successful as a fisherman Why or why not?

Although Santiago can intuitively be seen as one who doesn’t hold the characteristics of a successful fisherman because of the failures he’s experienced throughout his journey, it can be argued that Santiago actually is a successful fisherman.

How does Santiago help himself catch the fish?

In order to help himself catch the fish, what does Santiago do? He promises to pay more attention to Manolin upon his return. He decides to recite ten Hail Marys and ten Our Fathers. He lightens the boat by throwing all unnecessary weight overboard.

Why does Santiago keep fishing?

Santiago wants to prove to the marlin that he is worthy of catching and killing such a great fish (just as he wants to prove it to himself and others.) As the struggle continues, Santiago feels sorry for the marlin. And his respect for the noble fish increases.

How is Santiago different from the other fishermen?

Santiago is a Christ-figure. He alone must suffer, and his suffering must be redemptive. Hemingway finishes the novella with Santiago carrying the mast like a cross. The other fishermen, then, are like the Pharisees, who believe in the materialistic ways of fishing.

Was Santiago successful?

In the story, The Old Man and the Sea, Santiago was successful because he caught a marlin, he killed many sharks, and he stayed strong when he was in pain. Santiago spent much of his life fishing in the sea. Santiago worked really hard to catch just one fish.

Is Santiago a prideful man give reasons?

Santiago is prideful because he has spent his life on the water, and knows that he is a good fisherman. While the teasing of the other fishermen does not bother him, he still wants to prove that he has the skills to catch a great fish.

Does Santiago respect the fish?

Readers may find it odd that Santiago wants to kill a fish that he claims to love and respect. However, his respect comes from the fact that he has never come across a fish so strong or clever, and he values his self-respect as a fisherman more than he values the life of the fish.

Who is Santiago hero?

Answer and Explanation: Santiago is a hero in The Old Man and the Sea because he courageously faces danger in order to prove his worth. Like Odysseus, who went to war in order to prove that he was still capable of fighting, Santiago goes out to sea in search of a great fish.

Was Santiago successful in harpooning the fish?

Was Santiago successful in harpooning the fish? Yes he killed the fish at its’ heart. How much does Santiago guess the fish weighs? Over 1,500 pounds and has 1,000 pounds of meat.

How does Santiago feel about catching and eating the fish?

Even as he remains determined to kill the marlin, Santiago feels sorry that it has had nothing to eat. He feels that the people it will feed are not worthy of this great fish.

What is Santiago’s approach to fishing?

The fish will feed many people, Santiago decides, though they are not worthy of the creature’s great dignity. By starlight, still bracing and handling the line, Santiago considers rigging the oars so that the fish will have to pull harder and eventually tire itself out.

Who does Santiago admire and why?

“They say his father was a fisherman. Maybe he was as poor as we are and would understand.” Santiago and Manolin discuss professional baseball after they eat dinner on the first day, and Santiago expresses his admiration for Joe DiMaggio.