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Is St Simons Island Nice?

Is St Simons Island Nice?

St Simons Island was recently voted the number one favorite beach town by Travel and Leisure. Simons isn’t a contrived vacation destination, it’s a small town with a rich history and year round residents who welcome visitors with great dining, good shopping, history, adventure, and — the beach.

Is St Simon Island Open?

Our St. Simons Island Welcome Center is now open and welcoming visitors. In accordance with CDC recommendations, we have taken precautions to allow for social distancing..

How big is St Simons Island?

17.68 mi²
St. Simons Island/Area

Is St Simons Island worth it?

We had no idea how much American history is on display on St Simons Island before we visited. The beaches are fine, but for us the dense and varied history and the beauty of the marshes and live oaks made the trip worthwhile.

Do you have to pay to get on St Simons Island?

Access to St. Simons Island is via the F. J. Torras Causeway. Parking on the Island is free and public, except where posted by local businesses and private properties.

What is St Simons known for?

Simons Island was voted America’s #1 Favorite Romantic Town as well as America’s #1 Favorite Beach Town by Travel + Leisure Magazine. St. Simons Island, GA is home to fabulous beaches, golfing, charter fishing, spas and salons, and a variety of restaurants, fun events and entertainment for everyone.

Is St. Simons Island Expensive?

Simons is cheaper than the US average. A cost of living index above 100 means St. Simons, Georgia is more expensive.

Can you drive on St Simons Island?

You can drive onto each of the islands in the Golden Isles except Little St. Simons Island, which is accessible by their private boat from the Hampton River Marina for overnight and day-trip guests. Click here to read more about access to each of our islands.

Is St Simons Island Expensive?

Do you need a car on St Simons Island?

St. Simons Island Access: Parking on the island is free and public except where posted by local businesses and private properties.

Do you have to pay to get on St. Simons Island?

How much does it cost to live in St. Simons Island?

St. Simons cost of living is 114.6

COST OF LIVING St. Simons Georgia
Health 85.9 95.5
Housing 163.8 80.7
Median Home Cost $438,500 $240,400
Utilities 99.5 103.2