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Is subverse a word?

Is subverse a word?

Subverse meaning (obsolete) To subvert.

What is another word for subversion?

What is another word for subversion?

insurrection rebellion
sabotage sedition
treason undermining
disruption overthrow
trouble-making insurgence

What does Subversiveness mean?

/səbˈvɜː.sɪv.nəs/ behavior or activities that try to destroy or damage something, especially an established political system: Many people have written about the subversiveness of the story’s plot.

What is subversive example?

The definition of subversive is something that is trying to destroy or overthrow something like a government or an idea. An example of subversive is propaganda writing. adjective.

Can subvert be an adjective?

Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verbs subvert and subverse which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts. Intending to subvert, overturn or undermine a government or authority.

What are two synonyms for subversive?


  • incendiary.
  • riotous.
  • insurgent.
  • underground.
  • inflammatory.
  • insurrectionary.
  • overthrowing.
  • perversive.

What is subversion example?

Subversion is being overtaken or overthrown. An example of a subversion is the coup d’état that took place in Thailand in 2006 when the Royal Thai Army ousted the prime minister. A subverting or being subverted; ruin; overthrow. noun. The act of subverting or the condition of being subverted.

Which best defines subversive?

Subversives are people who attempt to weaken or destroy a political system or government.

What is subversive literature?

Art or literature is considered subversive if it attempts to undermine the dominant values and traditions of a society. Definitions of subversive. adjective. in opposition to a civil authority or government.

What is opposite of subversive?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for subversive. conservative, moderate, temperate.

What is a subversive group?

(2) “Subversive organization” means any organization which engages in or advocates, abets, advises, or teaches, or a purpose of which is to engage in or advocate, abet, advise, or teach activities intended to overthrow, destroy or alter, or to assist in the overthrow, destruction or alteration of, the constitutional …

How do you write subversive?

Six Steps to a Subversive Surprise

  1. Invoke the Cliche. The first step is to make sure your audience has the expectation you want to subvert.
  2. Add Novelty.
  3. Set Up Your Surprise.
  4. Build Up to the Moment of Truth.
  5. Veer Sharply Away From the Cliche.
  6. Top It Off With Self-Aware Mockery.