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What album is Coaster from?

What album is Coaster from?

Coaster (released on vinyl as Frisbee) is the eleventh studio album by the American punk rock band NOFX. It was released on April 28, 2009 through Fat Wreck Chords….Coaster (album)

Label Fat Wreck Chords
Producer Bill Stevenson
NOFX chronology
The Myspace Transmissions, Vol. 11 (2009) Coaster (2009) Cokie the Clown (2009)

What genre are the coasters?

The Coasters/Genres

Who wrote the songs for the Coasters?

The Coasters History Invariably those songs were written, produced and arranged by the duo of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. The union of a black vocal group with two Jewish songwriters was one of the most propitious in rock history.

Are the Coasters still alive?

Leon Hughes is the last surviving member of the original Coasters and performs with his own group. Some of the former members suffered tragic ends. The saxophonist King Curtis (the “fifth Coaster”) was stabbed to death by two junkies outside his apartment building in 1971.

When did the Coasters start?

The Coasters/Active from
The Coasters began on September 28, 1955, in Los Angeles, California after four of six members from another singing group, The Robins, broke off to start this new group.

How old are the coasters?

According to Joel Whitburn’s Record Research, the Coasters’ roots go back to 1947, when the Robins were formed in Los Angeles. Among the Robins’ hits were “Smokey Joe’s Café” and “Riot In Cell Block #9.” In the mid-1950’s, the Robins split into two groups.

Who discovered the coasters?

The history of drink coasters starts in Germany. The true inventor is a bit difficult to trace, but credit is often given to a print shop named Friedrich Horn. They made the first “beermats” from cardboard in 1880.

How old is Leon Hughes of the Coasters?

89 years (August 26, 1932)
Leon Hughes/Age

Are the Coasters Motown?

Although the Coasters originated outside of mainstream doo-wop, their records were so frequently imitated that they became an important part of the doo-wop legacy through the 1960s….

The Coasters
Genres Rhythm and blues rock and roll
Years active 1955–present
Labels Atco Date King
Associated acts The Robins

Are the original Coasters still alive?

How many original Coasters are still alive?

How many of the coasters are still alive?

Saxophonist King Curtis was only 37 when he was stabbed to death in 1971. Two other Coasters’ members are believed to have been murdered about 10 years apart, Nate Wilson (1980) and Cornelius Gunter (1990). The Coasters had at least 21 different members but Leon Hughes is believed to be the only surviving member.