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What are the contractile tissues?

What are the contractile tissues?

Contractile tissues – muscles, tendons, and attachments. Non-contractile (inert) tissues – joint capsules, ligaments, nerves and their sheaths, bursae, and cartilages.

What happens when muscle tissue is damaged?

When muscle is initially injured, significant inflammation and swelling occurs. Patients often report the sensation of pain as the feeling of being “stabbed.” After this inflammatory phase, the muscle begins to heal by regenerating muscle fibers from stem cells that live around the area of injury.

What is a muscle lesion?

A lesion occurs at the site of the impact when the trauma to the muscle is direct, at the MTJ, or at the end of the muscle belly when the trauma is indirect. The structural damage to the muscle fibres may be caused by a single contraction or by the cumulative effect of several contractions.

What is a contractile soft tissue?

Contractile tissue is a type of soft tissue in the musculoskeletal system that has the ability to contract and relax. Muscle tissue is one of the main contractile tissues found in our body. It originates from the mesodermal layer of the embryonic germ cells.

Where muscle tissue is found in the body?

Each of these muscles is a discrete organ constructed of skeletal muscle tissue, blood vessels, tendons, and nerves. Muscle tissue is also found inside of the heart, digestive organs, and blood vessels. In these organs, muscles serve to move substances throughout the body.

Where are connective tissues located?

Connective tissue is found in between other tissues everywhere in the body, including the nervous system. In the central nervous system, the three outer membranes (the meninges) that envelop the brain and spinal cord are composed of connective tissue.

What cause the pain in injuries?

Acute pain typically starts suddenly in response to an injury — a cut, bruise, burn, broken bone, or pulled muscle, for example. Acute pain can also be caused by a fever or infection, labor contractions, and menstrual cramps.

Is the sudden painful tightening of a muscle?

A muscle cramp is a strong, painful contraction or tightening of a muscle that comes on suddenly and lasts from a few seconds to several minutes. It often occurs in the legs. A muscle cramp is also called a charley horse.

What is lesion injury?

A lesion is an injury to the living tissue on your body, like your skin or an organ. Usually a lesion involves a break or wound to the skin, so protect it with a bandage so that it heals quickly.

How do you treat muscle lesions?

approach — rest, ice, compression, elevation:

  1. Rest. Avoid activities that cause pain, swelling or discomfort.
  2. Ice. Even if you’re seeking medical help, ice the area immediately.
  3. Compression. To help stop swelling, compress the area with an elastic bandage until the swelling stops.
  4. Elevation.

What does soft tissue consist of?

Soft tissue refers to tissues that connect, support, or surround other structures and organs of the body. Soft tissue includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves, fibrous tissues, fat, blood vessels, and synovial membranes.

What are involuntary muscles tissue where are they located?

smooth muscle: Involuntary muscle that is found within the intestines, throat, uterus, and blood vessel walls. cardiac muscle: The striated and involuntary muscle of the vertebrate heart.