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What are the rides at Kalahari?

What are the rides at Kalahari?

  • Anaconda. Hang on tight!
  • Barrelling Baboon. Riders slide through soaring dips and twists into the oscillating funnels; this ride changes tempo enough to keep riders guessing what’s around the next bend.
  • Become a Mermaid. Do you believe in mermaids & mermen?
  • Bugs Burrow.
  • Cheetah Race.
  • Coral Cove.
  • Elephant’s Trunk.
  • Flowrider.

How tall is the Screaming Hyena Kalahari?

The 60-foot-high, 250-foot-long looping slides, which aren’t as vertical as Scorpion’s Tail, are joined by the Screaming Hyena, a new near-vertical drop slide also with a trap-door start and from the same tower as the looping slides.

How much does Kalahari cost per night?

The Resort Fee is a mandatory daily fee of $29.99 to cover the costs associated with providing the highest level of amenities for our guests. Included in this fee are: Included waterpark access during your stay.

What happened to the Zip Coaster at Kalahari?

(6/16/20) According to a reader who dropped by the Kalahari Sandusky this week, the waterpark’s indoor Zip Coaster slide has been removed from the park, as well as from the website.

How deep is the lazy river at Kalahari?

2 feet 8 inches
Guests under 48 inches are required to wear a life vest to participate in this attraction. The river is 2 feet 8 inches deep. Enter and exit at designated areas only. No rough play.

How deep are the pools at Kalahari?

2 feet deep
Pool is 2 feet deep.

How deep is the wave pool at Kalahari?

3 1/2 feet
CAUTION: This is an extreme ride. Riders will experience strong acceleration and deceleration forces from all directions. Pool depth: 3 1/2 feet. Riders must be 48″ (1.22 m.) or taller to ride.

What is Tom Foolery at Kalahari?

This whopping 80,000 sq ft adventure park features a challenging ropes course, climbing wall, an indoor zip line, bowling, laser tag and 250 of the very best in arcade games – when it’s time to dry off or you just want to up the thrill level, this adventurous park will have just what you need.

Who is the owner of Kalahari Resorts?

Owners, Todd and Shari Nelson As the owners of Kalahari Resorts & Conventions, Todd and Shari Nelson have been the driving force behind the development, creation and expansion of the brand since its inception in 2000.

What is the tallest ride at Kalahari?

Sahara Sidewinders. Get ready to hurl down a nearly vertical plummet on a 250-plus foot journey that takes you through a gravity-defying 360 degree loop to an amazing splashdown below!

How many water slides are at Kalahari?

10 different
Kalahari Features 10 different styled waterslides, including family rides, roller coaster, vortex bowls…

What is the deepest pool in Kalahari?

Splash pool is 3 feet, 6 inches deep. Do not jump or dive from the raft into the pool. Riders must be at least 42″ tall….

  • Deepest point: 6 feet.
  • All guests less than 48″ (1.22 m.)
  • Life jackets are required for children under 48 inches (1.22 m.)
  • Children under 48 inches (1.22 m.)