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What are the two genes that control the same trait?

What are the two genes that control the same trait?

Homozygous also refers to a genotype consisting of two identical alleles of a gene for a particular trait. An individual may be homozygous dominant (AA) or homozygous recessive (aa).

What is a form of a gene that controls a trait?

Alleles. different forms of a gene controlling a certain trait. Often are two genes for one trait – but there sometimes are more (there are 3 alleles that control blood type) Dominant Gene.

What are the pairs of genes responsible for traits called?

Within an individual organism, the specific combination of alleles for a gene is known as the genotype of the organism, and (as mentioned above) the physical trait associated with that genotype is called the phenotype of the organism.

What are paired genes called?

A pair of genes are called a pair of alleles and it is referred to as the genotype. If a person contains a pair of the same alleles, then it is called homozygous and if the two alleles are different it is termed as heterozygous.

How many genes control a trait?

With one gene controlling a trait we have three possible genotypes, AA, Aa and aa and depending on the allelic interactions (dominance or incomplete dominance) we can have two or three phenotypes. As more and more genes control a trait, a greater number of genotypes are possible.

What is a difference in the same trait called?

When genes mutate, they can take on multiple forms, with each form differing slightly in the sequence of their base DNA. These gene variants still code for the same trait (i.e. hair color), but they differ in how the trait is expressed (i.e. brown vs blonde hair). Different versions of the same gene are called alleles.

What are two alleles for this trait?

Genetics Vocabulary

genotype the genetic makeup
homozygous an organsm with two alleles for a trait that are exactaly the same
heterozygous an organism that has two different alleles for a trait
phenotype the physical trait that shows as a result of a particular genotype

What are 2 forms of the same gene called?

Different forms of same gene are called alleles. An individual diploid organism always possesses two doses of the same gene, i.e. two alleles on its pair of homologous chromosomes.

How does concept 2 genes come in pairs?

Concept 2 Genes come in pairs. Rather than looking at the pea plant as a whole, Mendel focused on seven individual traits that he could readily distinguish. He found that each trait has two alternate forms. For example, seed color can be green or yellow.

What are the terms for the inherited combination of genes?

Key Concepts: Terms in this set (32) 1. The inherited combination of alleles is known as the offspring’s genotype Pairs of genes that control the same trait are known as allelles Dominant alleles are capital Two brown eyed parents (Bb) have a baby.

Which is an example of a gene-determined characteristic?

A trait is any gene-determined characteristic. Many traits are determined by the function of more than one gene. For example, a person’s height is likely to be determined by many genes, including those affecting growth, appetite, muscle mass, and activity level. However, some traits are determined by the function of a single gene.

How are genes specified by their alternative forms?

For example, seed color can be green or yellow. By analyzing the results of various crosses, Mendel concluded that each alternative form of a trait is specified by alternative forms of a gene. To follow the inheritance of genes from parent to child, Mendel first needed to be sure which genes each parent carried.