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What did Bridget Riley do as a child?

What did Bridget Riley do as a child?

Her childhood was spent in Cornwall and Lincolnshire. She studied at Goldsmiths’ College from 1949 to 1952, and at the Royal College of Art from 1952 to 1955. She began painting figure subjects in a semi-impressionist manner, then changed to pointillism around 1958, mainly producing landscapes.

Does Bridget Riley have a mom?

Bridget Riley was born in Norwood, London. Her father, John Fisher Riley, was a printer and owned his own business. During the war years, Riley was sent with her mother, sister and aunt to live in Cornwall, near the seaside town of Padstow.

Who is Bridget Riley parents?

John Fisher Riley
Bridget Riley/Parents

Why did Bridget Riley create Op art?

Riley’s artistic practice is grounded in a utopian, social vision. She views her art as an inherently social act, as the viewer completes the experience of the painting. This belief in an interactive art led her to resist the commercialization, and in her mind, the vulgarization of Op art by the fashion world.

What inspired Bridget Riley?

After a trip to Egypt in the early 1980s, where she was inspired by colourful hieroglyphic decoration, Riley began to explore colour and contrast. In some works, lines of colour are used to create a shimmering effect, while in others the canvas is filled with tessellating patterns.

How did Bridget Riley paint?

Bridget Riley (1931) is a well-known British artist celebrated since the mid-1960s for her distinctive, optically vibrant paintings, called “Op Art.” She explores optical phenomena and juxtaposes color either by using a chromatic technique of identifiable hues or by selecting achromatic colors (black, white or gray).

Why did Bridget Riley create op art?

How old is Bridget Riley?

90 years (April 24, 1931)
Bridget Riley/Age

Bridget Riley, in full Bridget Louise Riley, (born April 24, 1931, London, England), English artist whose vibrant optical pattern paintings were central to the Op art movement of the 1960s.