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What did maniac tell Mars Bar that proves he was not scared in Chapter 45?

What did maniac tell Mars Bar that proves he was not scared in Chapter 45?

Maniac tells Mars Bar about his parents’ death. Maniac explains that he’d never stood on the trolley’s level before, and that seeing it up close had made his vision of their death more nightmarish than ever. Mars Bar says he knew Maniac couldn’t have been scared.

Why does Mars Bars hate Maniac Magee?

Mars Bar dislikes Maniac because Maniac is white. Maniac confuses him because Maniac is not prejudiced toward him or afraid of him. When Maniac takes a bite of Mars Bar’s candy — an unheard of act because blacks and whites never put their mouths where the other has been — Mars Bar is shocked by Maniac’s nerve.

What did Mars Bar call Maniac Magee?

Mars Bar is so nicknamed because he’s often seen eating his favorite candy bar. He is revered as the toughest kid in Two Mills’ East End and he bullies Maniac relentlessly when Maniac first arrives there. He jeers Maniac as “fishbelly.” He prides himself on being “bad,” i.e., tough.

Why doesn’t maniac feel he can go to Mars Bar’s house?

Why doesn’t Maniac feel he can go to Mars Bar’s house? Maniac is afraid of getting comfortable in a home and having to leave again, and he is afraid that he will bring trouble to his family.

Why did Maniac Magee not save Russell?

Maniac couldn’t go up on the trestle to save Russell because he was too scared that he would fall into the river like his parents did in the car crash into the Schuylkill River.

How does Maniac Magee end?

How could we not, when Maniac Magee finally ends with Maniac simply content that “finally, truly, at long last, someone was calling him home” (46.27). After the miles and miles Maniac’s seen-better-days sneakers chewed up, the book ends with him heading home to the place he’s been looking for this whole time.

Is Maniac Magee black or white?

Two Mills is divided in two, and never the twain shall meet… until Maniac, who’s just crazy enough to make it happen. Maniac is white, but the first family he finds a home with is black.

Who dies in Maniac Magee?

They happily spend the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays together, and five days after Christmas, Grayson dies in his sleep. Maniac is alone again. To deal with his grief, Maniac runs wherever his legs will take him. Depressed and lonely, Maniac ends up at Valley Forge where he decides to die.

Is Grayson in Maniac Magee black or white?

Grayson is white, so he is from the West End. He is not judgmental of where Maniac was living, but is curious. Maniac helps him understand that blacks and whites are pretty much the same, except for where they live in this case. Maniac lives with Grayson until he dies.

What does Maniac Magee look like in the book?

He is “cool times ten.” The reader is given just enough physical description about Maniac to know that his feats of awesomeness shouldn’t come from someone who looks like him–a skinny, short, runt of a kid. A young kid too. Eleven years old and he is besting high school athletes.

Who Saves Russell?

Maniac is called in to help save Russell in chapter 44, and the chapter ends with Maniac seeing the bridge and walking away. He doesn’t say anything, but savvy readers should remember chapter one’s explanation of how his parents were killed in a railway accident on a bridge.

How did Mars Bar react to Maniac’s answer about why he didn’t rescue Russell?

maniac left the platform and walked away. two days later mars bar visited maniac and asked him why he didn’t try to rescue russel. he told mars bar the story of his parents death. mars bar said he knew maniac was not scared.