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What do the numbers mean on Royal Doulton?

What do the numbers mean on Royal Doulton?

Pattern numbers occur on most Doulton ware and can be used to establish the date a pattern was first introduced. Some patterns, however, were long-lived and whilst the pattern number can establish the earliest possible date of a piece, the date of last use of a pattern is seldom if ever known.

What is Doulton china worth?

A setting for 8 was listed for $1, 000. Depending on how large and complete your set is, will determine the price you should ask. In terms of each piece, one standard dinner plate can be worth between $50 – $80.

What is Doulton Burslem?

The Royal Doulton Potteries at Burslem completes the North Staffordshire members of the group known as the Fine China Association. It was in 1877, as we have already said, that Doultons decided to extend their interest in decorated pottery, and they acquired an old-established pottery which is the present Burslem site.

How do you identify Royal Doulton?

– Backstamp: All authentic Royal Doulton figurines should have a backstamp that matches the Royal Doulton backstamp on the bottom (underside) of the figurine. Underneath the backstamp, traditionally you will also find the name of the piece – another helpful hint in researching the figurine’s value.

How do you identify porcelain marks?

Doulton & Co. One of a number of marks on Doulton pieces. Reference: Kovels’ New Dictionary of Marks.

Is Doulton the same as Royal Doulton?

Royal Doulton Tableware Ltd was a subsidiary of Doulton & Co. Ltd, itself a subsidiary of the Pearson Group Doulton & Co. became Royal Doulton plc in 1993.

Are Royal Doulton figurines still made in England?

The majority of Doulton pieces are today made in Indonesia, although the higher-quality items are still made in England at the home of parent company Waterford Wedgwood in Barlaston, in the countryside south of the Potteries.

Is all Royal Doulton marked?

Virtually all Doulton tableware has a black printed Royal Doulton ‘mark’ or ‘backstamp’ applied to the underside of the ware. A similar device with a crown above, was used from 1886 to mark the appointment of Doulton as potters to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.

How can you tell if a mark is on a vase?

Look for a mark on the bottom of the vase. Marks may reflect the name of the company that made the vase, as well as the name of its designer. When the vase has a company name and an artist’s name, it may be worth more than if it simply has a company name. Marks may be inked, painted or engraved into the bottom.