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What do warning lights on dashboard mean?

What do warning lights on dashboard mean?

Modern cars have so many warning lights it can be kind of confusing. Let’s demystify it. Your dashboard warning lights are part of your onboard diagnostics system (OBD). When a warning light comes in, it means your car’s diagnostic system has detected a problem.

What is the dash light with an exclamation point?

The tire pressure warning light is depicted as a yellow tire with an exclamation point in the middle. This warning light signifies that one of the vehicle’s tires is underinflated, and – in some modern vehicles – it can indicate which exact tire has low pressure.

Why is there a yellow light on my dashboard?

Orange or yellow dashboard lights remind you that something needs to be serviced soon, like an oil change, or that something is wrong with your emissions system. While not an emergency, you should have a repair person look at the problem as soon as possible.

What lights should be on the dashboard?

Here are the most important warning lights to look out for:

  • ECU / Engine warning light.
  • Brake system / brake fluid warning light.
  • ABS warning light.
  • Oil pressure warning light.
  • Battery charge warning light.
  • Coolant warning light.
  • Tyre pressure monitor warning light.
  • Airbag warning light.

What indicator light means?

a device for indicating that a motor vehicle is about to turn left or right; blinker. a car with a faulty indicator light.

What would cause all warning lights to come on?

The dash lights coming on and vehicle shutting down are, most likely, related to a charging system problem. It’s fairly common for all the dash lights to come on with no alternator output, low voltage can cause unusual electrical issues. The alternator should have been tested at the time of battery replacement.

What does the exclamation mark mean in my Lexus?

tire pressure
If your tire pressure is low, you’ll see a light that looks like an exclamation point surrounded by tire treads. This yellow light will come on when tire pressure in at least one tire is low. You can find the proper pressure in your owner’s manual, or by checking the driver’s side door jamb area.

What does an A with a circle around it and an exclamation mark mean?

Brake System Warning Light In the event that you see an exclamation mark with a circle around it in your dash, that means something is wrong with your brakes. There may be a problem with brake components or the hydraulic fluid may need a top-off. Stop the car and call a tow truck as soon as you safely can.

What does a flashing yellow light mean?

Any flashing yellow signal means drivers are to slow down and proceed through the intersection with caution. A flashing red signal means motorists should come to a complete stop before proceeding.

What does a red circle with an exclamation mark mean in a car?

Modern cars come with tire pressure monitoring systems and the little exclamation point inside of a half-circle merely means one or more of your tires have low pressure. If you see this sign don’t freak out. Instead, find a safe place to stop and inspect your tires.

How do you check dashboard lights?

Take your car key and insert it into the ignition, and switch the car to the “on” position, but not to the “start” position in which the engine is running. When you do this, as you may have noticed before, some or all of your dashboard indicator lights will illuminate.

What does the orange light mean on a car?

An orange dashboard warning light means the engine management system – the computer that runs the engine – has detected a fault. You may continue to drive a car with an orange dashboard warning light, but you should head to your local service centre for diagnosis and repair as soon as possible.