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What does Ducky mean in slang?

What does Ducky mean in slang?

noun, plural duck·ies. British Informal. (used as a term of endearment or familiarity) dear; sweetheart; darling; pet: Get a wiggle on, ducky, or we’ll be late for the movie.

What does thats just ducky mean?

just ducky (not comparable) (informal, often sarcastic) Great or going well. Well, that’s just ducky!

What does Ducky mean?

n. feces. (Originally black and primarily juvenile. Possibly from the juvenile euphemism duty = job = bowel movement.) Mommy, there’s duky in Jimmy’s diaper.

What does Ducky mean in Scotland?

British. darling or dear: used as a term of endearment. adjective.

Why do we say ducky?

: : According to Eric Partridge, A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English “duck” was used as a colloquial endearment from about 1590, and “ducky,” as an adjective expressing admiration, derived from that noun and has been used since about 1830.

Is Ducky a duck?

Ducky is a small, fluffy, yellow toy duck. He has orange feet, small yellow wings, and magenta eyes with large eyelashes.

What’s the definition of a hunky dory?

: quite satisfactory : fine.

What was Spike from Land Before Time?

Spike. Spike, voiced by Rob Paulsen (II-V, VII-XIV) and Jeff Bennett (VI), is a male green Stegosaurus or “Spiketail”. Despite being the largest, he is actually the youngest of the original main characters; his hatching being witnessed by Ducky whose parents later adopted him.

Why are bath ducks yellow?

Well, if you think about it, rubber ducks are supposed to look like baby ducks, so it makes sense that they’re yellow. It’s not very well known, but the rubber duck’s history goes back to the 19th century. They were apparently created as toys alongside the development of rubber-manufacturing technology.

What does to give someone a leg up mean?

informal. 1 : to hold one’s hands together so that someone can step into them while climbing up onto something I don’t think I can get on this horse without help.

What is the meaning of raking up?

transitive verb. : to make known or public : uncover rake up a scandal.

What kind of dinosaur is Chomper?

Chomper, voiced by Rob Paulsen (II), Cannon Young (V), Max Burkholder (TV series), and Issac Ryan Brown (XIV) is a male purple Tyrannosaurus. He first appeared in the second film, The Great Valley Adventure, as a newborn hatchling whom Littlefoot and the others attempt to raise before returning him to his parents.