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What does it mean to be out of step with someone?

What does it mean to be out of step with someone?

not having the same ideas or beliefs as other people, or not being aware of other people’s beliefs: The governor’s remarks show that she is seriously out of step with the voters.

What does step in for someone mean?

[for someone] to assume a position or take on a responsibility when there is a need or an opportunity to do so. The person who was supposed to help didn’t show up, so I stepped into the breach. The manager stepped into the breach when Jane got sick.

How do you use step out?

Step-out sentence example

  1. You can even pause and rewind live TV if you step out of the room.
  2. Imagine our delight to step out into a howling sleet storm !
  3. He looked up to see a shocked Donald Ryland step out of his room.
  4. The boat seemed stuffy, and my head ached; so I thought I would step out into the cool night-air.

What does step off mean?

slang To stop interfering or involving oneself with someone or something; to get away from someone or something. Used almost exclusively as an imperative. Step off, man, this is none of your business.

What is the meaning of stepping out?

1 : to go away from a place usually for a short distance and for a short time. 2 : to go or march at a vigorous or increased pace.

Is out of step definition?

if people or things are out of step, they do not agree or move at the same rate.

What does step out mean in slang?

US and Canadian informal to withdraw from involvement; bow out. step out with informal to be a boyfriend or girlfriend (of someone), esp publicly.

What does the phrase stepping out mean?

What is a palpable step off?

If the fracture/dislocation is severe, there will be a visible and palpable “step-off”, meaning the bones are not lined up properly which can be seen and felt by the examiner.

Was out of breath meaning?

Breathing with difficulty, panting, gasping. For example, After five flights of stairs I’m out of breath. This slightly hyperbolic term (since literally running out of breath means one is dead) dates from the late 1500s.

What is rush around?

to try to do a lot of things or to go to a lot of places in a short period of time. I’ve been rushing around shopping all day. Synonyms and related words. To be busy.

What does we stepping out mean?