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What does it mean to damper something?

What does it mean to damper something?

: to make (something) less strong, active, or exciting His bad mood put a damper on the celebration.

How do you use damper in a sentence?

Damper in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Bill has always been a damper, bringing down the mood with his pessimism and angst.
  2. The bad weather that was going to keep us from going on our filed trip was a real damper, essentially ruining everything.

What does it mean to hamper someone?

Verb. hamper, trammel, clog, fetter, shackle, manacle mean to hinder or impede in moving, progressing, or acting. hamper may imply the effect of any impeding or restraining influence.

What does dampen the mood mean?

verb. To dampen something such as someone’s enthusiasm or excitement means to make it less lively or intense.

Does put a damper on our relationship?

“That does put a damper on our relationship.” (The Princess Bride) | Princess bride quotes, Princess bride, Princess bride movie.

Why is it called a damper?

“Damper” is a Lancashire dialect word meaning “something that takes the edge off appetite”, so in 1804 one character in a popular tale took “his snack by way of damper” and in 1852 one writer referred to Australian Bush Bread as “a damper, sure, to the stoutest appetite”.

What is the difference between damper and dampener?

Actually, damper means that something is wetter than something else, more damp. A dampener is something that dampens, as in someTHING that makes something wet OR dampens vibration.

How do you use a hamper?

Hamper in a Sentence 🔉

  1. This awful traffic is definitely going to hamper our trip to the beach.
  2. According to economists, the high rate of unemployment will continue to hamper economic growth.
  3. The stormy weather will hamper rescue efforts in the mountains.

What hampers our progress?

Anything that hampers slows progress or makes it difficult to do something. You might think that the presence of your parents hampers your ability to look cool. The verb hamper is for those times when normal progress is slow but not shut down completely.

What is the meaning of dampen her spirits?

To dampen something such as someone’s enthusiasm or excitement means to make it less lively or intense. Nothing seems to dampen his perpetual enthusiasm. [ VERB noun] I hate to dampen your spirits but aren’t you overlooking a couple of minor points. [

How do you dampen something?

To dampen something is to stifle it, to lessen its effect, or to moisten it. Getting a cold will dampen your enthusiasm. This word has several related meanings, most of which make something less effective or powerful.

What does damper in a relationship mean?

phrase. To put a damper on something means to have an effect on it which stops it being as enjoyable or as successful as it should be.