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What does Mercutio mean when he calls Tybalt a Ratcatcher will you walk?

What does Mercutio mean when he calls Tybalt a Ratcatcher will you walk?

Mercutio – “O clam, dishonorable, vile submission! Alla stoccato carries it away. Tybalt, you ratcatcher, will you walk?’ (walk means to fight) What does Romeo think about fighting Tybalt? he does not want to fight him because he loves him (because Tybalt is cousin to Juliet)

What does Tybalt you Ratcatcher will you walk?

O calm dishonourable, vile submission! Tybalt, you ratcatcher, will you walk? This calm submission is dishonorable and vile. The thrust of a sword will end this surrender.

What does you Ratcatcher mean in Romeo and Juliet?

(UK) Insult, not widely used nowadays but made popular by Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet. noun. 3. 4. One who catches rats; particularly one who does so professionally.

Who says Tybalt you Ratcatcher will you walk?

Mercutio speaks the following line: “Tybalt, you ratcatcher, will you walk” Mercutio wants Tybalt to___?

What insults does Tybalt say to Mercutio?

Tybalt, you rat-catcher, will you walk? [step aside]… And then when Tybalt asks what Mercutio wants with him, Mercutio responds with another insult or two: Good King of Cats, nothing but one of your nine lives that I mean to make bold withal, and as you shall use me hereafter, dry-beat the rest of the eight.

Why does Tybalt fight Mercutio instead of Romeo as he intended?

Tybalt does not want to fight Mercutio because Tybalt is not interested in fighting Mercutio but instead wants to duel it out with Romeo. After Tybalt insults Romeo, Romeo responds with lines 59-62.

Why does Mercutio fight Tybalt?

Mercutio fights Tybalt because he is angry that Tybalt is insulting Romeo, his friend. Mercutio is killed when Romeo comes between them and blocks his view of Tybalt. Tybalt reaches under Romeo’s arm and stabs Mercutio.

How does Mercutio respond when Tybalt asks to have a word with him?

When Tybalt says he wants a word with Mercutio, one of the first responses Mercutio makes is to say “Make it a word and a blow.” He then follows this up by stating: Here’s my fiddlestick [sword]. Here’s that shall make you dance. Mercutio is determined to fight Tybalt, even though Romeo is Tybalt’s real target.

Why is Tybalt so insulted?

To answer this question, take a look at act 1, scene 5. In this scene, the Capulet party has just started and Tybalt notices that Romeo , a Montague, is present. For Tybalt, Romeo’s attendance is an insult because he comes from the family of their enemies.

Why did Mercutio fight Tybalt?

Mercutio knows that Tybalt is dangerous, and as Romeo’s friend, Mercutio feels the need to protect his friend. He feels compelled to jump into the fray and fight Tybalt. Unfortunately Mercutio’s actions get himself killed.

Why does Romeo’s answer to Tybalt’s insults upset Mercutio What does Mercutio think Romeo is doing?

Why does Romeo’s answer to Tybalt’s insults upset Mercutio? What does he think Romeo is doing? He is upset that Romeo is accepting both sides, when he should be fighting for the Montagues. Romeo tries to stop Mercutio and Tybalt from fighting by reasoning with them.

Why does Mercutio get killed by Tybalt?

Tybalt kills Mercutio because Mercutio is a Montague close to Romeo. The two are sworn enemies, although Mercutio is slower to violence than Tybalt, who is always prepared to kill, as he does with respect to Romeo’s dear friend. Tybalt’s quarrel is with Romeo because Romeo crashed the Capulets’ party the night before.