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What happened to Lacey from Flyleaf?

What happened to Lacey from Flyleaf?

Lacey Sturm is a mother, wife, writer, speaker, and musician. Originally the voice behind the platinum-selling international rock band FLYLEAF, she is now a solo artist. Sturm left FLYLEAF in October 2012. She has since been replaced by Kristen May, formerly of the group VEDERA.

Why did she leave flyleaf?

She recalls, “We had a few things happen that really brought that message home, but the one that hit the hardest was the death of our sound engineer. We did one last show with Flyleaf as a benefit for his wife Katy and their son Kirby. And that’s the reason I stepped down from Flyleaf.”

Who is the current lead singer of Flyleaf?

Kristen May
Shortly before the album’s release, lead vocalist Lacey Sturm announced her departure. Kristen May subsequently became the new lead vocalist.

Will flyleaf ever come back?

Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Flyleaf scheduled in 2021.

Who is the bride in the flyleaf video again?

The video features James’ sister/Sameer’s wife, April, as the bride and Joshua Sturm, Lacey’s husband, as the groom. Like “Again,” this video features Pat’s artwork throughout the video.

Is the band Flyleaf a Christian rock band?

Her faith influenced their music, but former lead singer Sturm doesn’t believe that necessarily makes Flyleaf strictly a Christian band. The band says they are Christians who play in a rock band, and their faith is heard within their music.

What’s the name of Flyleaf’s first song?

Flyleaf also released a song entitled “Tina” which was the first song that they debuted in the release of Guitar Hero 3 as part of the Companion Disk Set. Also, the song “I’m So Sick” appears in Rock Band . On October 30, Flyleaf also released a digital EP titled Much Like Falling EP.

When did Flyleaf tour with three days grace?

In 2007 Flyleaf toured with Three Days Grace and throughout Australia with the Soundwave festival, and also toured Europe with Stone Sour and Forever Never. In the spring of 2007, Flyleaf headlined their Justice & Mercy Tour which first featured Skillet and Dropping Daylight.