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What is an example of a blunder?

What is an example of a blunder?

Blunder means to say or do something in a careless or stupid way. An example of blunder is someone tripping over their own foot. To make a mistake in; botch. Would-be thieves blundering a break-in.

Is blunder a bad word?

Blunder is a strong word for a mistake which is stupid, a gross error in action or speech. A bull is a blunder in language, involving generally a very obvious and comical contradiction; but the word is sometimes applied to any particularly inapt or ludicrously inappropriate remark.

How do you use the word mistake in a sentence?

Mistake sentence example

  1. I won’t make the mistake I made with you before.
  2. I made a really bad mistake and I don’t know what to do.
  3. Maybe it was a mistake to come here.
  4. Only a mistake would give the Others away and might be all that stood between life and death.
  5. Sometimes I make a mistake and do the wrong thing.

How do you use blundering in a sentence?

Lisa hesitated, afraid of blundering further, but why did he need a sitter when his mother lived in the house? Athens had the prize within her grasp, and she lost it wholly through the persistent dilatoriness and blundering of Nicias (q.v.).

What blunder means?

1 : to utter stupidly, confusedly, or thoughtlessly blundered an apology. 2 : to make a stupid, careless, or thoughtless mistake in … blundering matters through ignorance …— Rafael Sabatini. blunder.

What is error blunder?

Blunders. A final source of error, called a blunder, is an outright mistake. A person may record a wrong value, misread a scale, forget a digit when reading a scale or recording a measurement, or make a similar blunder.

How do you use blunder?

Blunder sentence example

  1. The blunder was soon committed.
  2. It is difficult to suppose that such a blunder was not preconcerted.
  3. A burst of childish laughter greets my blunder , and the pantomime begins all over again.
  4. This tactical blunder cost him his popularity and materially assisted the secret operations of the king.

What is considered a mistake?

A mistake is an error, a goof, a slip-up. When you make a mistake, you’ve done something incorrectly. Mistake has a lot of uses, but they all have to do with doing the wrong thing.

Can we say blunder mistake?

A blunder is a stupid or careless mistake. I think he made a tactical blunder by announcing it so far ahead of time. If you blunder, you make a stupid or careless mistake.

What do u mean by blunder?

1 : to move unsteadily or confusedly In their exhaustion they often blundered against each other …— Norman Mailer. 2 : to make a mistake through stupidity, ignorance, or carelessness blundered by not acting sooner. transitive verb. 1 : to utter stupidly, confusedly, or thoughtlessly blundered an apology.

Is Foibled a word?

Despite the superficial resemblance, “foible” does not come from “foil.” The French foible was an adjective meaning “weak.” (That French word, which is now obsolete, is derived from the same Old French term, feble, that gives us “feeble.”) The English “foible” soon came to be applied not only to weaknesses in blades.