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What is beautiful girl in Hebrew?

What is beautiful girl in Hebrew?

Hebrew Translation. ילדה יפה More Hebrew words for beautiful girl. בחורה יפה beautiful girl.

How do you say יפה?


  1. (יָפֶה, yafé): (Modern Israeli Hebrew): IPA: /jaˈfe/
  2. (יָפָה, yafá): (Modern Israeli Hebrew): IPA: /jaˈfa/

How do you say it is what it is in Hebrew?

How to say it is what it is in Hebrew


What does Shalom mean in Hebrew?

One such word is shalom, which, in everyday usage, can mean either “hello” or “goodbye.” The traditional greeting among Jews is shalom aleichem, peace unto you; to which the response is aleichem shalom, to you, peace.

What does Matok mean in Hebrew?

Literal translation is sweet. Used only for a female. Matok- מתוק- same as metuka, but is used for a male. אהוב-ahuv- means loved one for a male.

How do you pronounce love in Hebrew?

The Hebrew word for “Love” is Ahava (Ah-ha-vah.) But, love is more than just a word. It is an emotion that involves action and in Israel, where Hebrew is the national language, love is also a way of life!

What is Adam’s name in Hebrew?

A well-known Hebrew name, Adam means “son of the red Earth.” Its meaning comes from the Hebrew word “adamah” meaning “earth,” from which Adam is said to be formed. The name also refers to the reddish color associated with human skin. Gender: Adam is most commonly used as a boy name.

What is the Hebrew name for man?

Then there’s אָדָם , man or person in the general sense. This word is named after the biblical first man, Adam. But despite the word’s heritage, אדם is not gender-specific: it refers to both males and females alike, as in: הִיא אָדָם טוֹב.

Is it okay to say Shabbat Shalom?

Shabbat shalom Used any time on Shabbat, especially at the end of a Shabbat service. Used also preceding Shabbat almost like “have a good weekend.”