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What is Chloretone used for?

What is Chloretone used for?

Chlorobutanol is typically used at a concentration of 0.5% where it lends long term stability to multi-ingredient formulations. However, it retains antimicrobial activity at 0.05% in water. Chlorobutanol has been used in anesthesia and euthanasia of invertebrates and fishes.

What is the theory of chlorobutanol?

Chlorobutanol, or chlorbutol, is an alcohol-based preservative with no surfactant activity. As a long-term stabilizer of multi-ingredient preparations, chlorobutanol is normally used at a concentration of 0.5%. At this concentration, it also conserves its antimicrobial activity.

Is chlorobutanol a preservative?

Introduction- Chlorobutanol (1,1,1-trichloro-2-methyl-2-propanol) is a widely used chemical preservative for injectable drugs, eye drops, mouth washes, and cosmetics. It is an analgesic, experimental general anesthetic, and sedative hypnotic in man.

Is Chloretone hypnotic?

Additional Information: Chloretone also known as chlorobutanol is a hypnotic drug. It is sedative, hypnotic and weak anesthetic. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

What is the formula of chloretone?


What is the Iupac name of chloretone?

– So, we can say that the IUPAC name of chloretone is, 1, 1, 1- trichloro-2-methyl-2-propanol.

What is the pH of chlorobutanol?

3.2 Solubility It is freely soluble in acetone, chloroform, dimethyl sulfoxide, and ethanol. The solubility in water is 9.8 mg/mL, and its saturated solution has a pH of 6.3 [2,4].

What catalyst is used in chlorobutanol?

Chlorobutanol (1) is prepared by addition of chloroform to acetone under the catalytic influence of powdered potassium hydroxide 1. I1/ has a local anesthetic potency to a mild degree and is used as an anesthetic dusting powder.

How do you make chlorobutanol?

It is prepared from acetone and chloroform using KOH to give chlorobutanol. Chlorbutanol is formed by the simple nucleophilic addition of chloroform and acetone, this reaction is base driven by potassium or sodium hydroxide.

How is chloretone obtained from chloroform?

Chloroform is treated with nitric acid to convert it into chloropicrin. Chloroform combines with acetone in the presence of potassium hydroxide to give chloretone, which is used as a sleep producing (hypnotic) drug.

Is chloretone tear gas?

This gas is also used as tear gas. Complete step by step answer: Option A says war gas is chloretone. The other names of chloretone are chlorobutyl or chlorobutanol.

What is chlorobutanol Hemihydrate?

Name Chlorobutanol hemihydrate Drug Entry Chlorobutanol. Chlorobutanol, or chlorbutol, is an alcohol-based preservative with no surfactant activity 5. It also elicits sedative-hypnotic and weak local anesthetic actions in addition to antibacterial and antifungal properties.