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What is famous in Pundri?

What is famous in Pundri?

Pundri is also known for its Firni, a sweet which is so popular that nearly 100 quintals of it are sold in the month of August around the festival of Teej. Water Flour Mill few remaining in India now, but one of them is a mill which is 123 years old near pundri.

What is the meaning of Pundri?

Pundri is a City and a municipal committee in Kaithal district of the Indian state of Haryana. Pundri along with Pundrak was named after the sage Pundarik, who is highly revered by all Hindus. Pundri is the seat of a Tehsil and also a Haryana Vidhan Sabha constituency currently represented by Dinesh Kaushik.

How many villages are there in Pundri?

There are about 53 villages in Fatehpur Pundri block, which you can browse from villages list below.

What is the pin code of Pundri Haryana?

Pundri/Zip codes

How many villages are there in Kaithal district?

278 Villages
Kaithal District is having 278 Gram Panchayats(278 Villages) covering 7 blocks.

What is the pin code of Karnal?

Karnal/Zip codes

What is the pin code of Siwan Bihar?

Siwan/Zip codes

Which is biggest village in Haryana?

It is the largest village in terms of population in a single panchayat in Haryana. The people of the village belong to Ahlawat gotra….

Country India
State Haryana
District Jhajjar
Founded by Digha

What is the old name of Kaithal?

Kaithal was earlier known as Kapisthal, the abode of monkeys (or monkey God, Hanuman).

What is the area of Siwan district?

857 mi²

What is the post of Siwan?

Nearby Post offices with Pincode 841226

Post Office Town/Taluk Pincode
Bhantapokher B.O Siwan 841226
Chakra B.O Siwan 841226
Chapia Bujurg B.O Siwan 841226
Chapra Road S.O Siwan 841226

Which is the richest city in Haryana?

The latest available district level data reveals that among the 20 districts, three richest districts were Gurgoan (Rs. 155855), Panipat (Rs. 50230) and Faridabad (Rs. 45555.