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What is National Grain authority?

What is National Grain authority?

4 dated September 26, 1972, under the name National Grains Authority, (NGA) with the mission of promoting the integrated growth and development of the grains industry covering rice, corn, feed grains and other grains like sorghum, mongo, and peanut.

What is the objective of National Food Authority?

The primary mandate of the NFA is food security, and there will never be any food security if these are absent: the AVAILABILITY, AFFORDABILITY AND ACCESSIBILITY OF RICE.

Who is the president created the National Grains Authority?

MARCOS, President of the Philippines and Commander-in-Chief of all the Armed Forces, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines, do hereby declare as a law of the land, the creation of the National Grains Authority which shall be under the Office of the President.

What is the contribution of National Food Authority?

The NFA provides a subsidy for rice consumption aside from providing support to farmers. That is, it sells rice at a price that is lower than the market-determined retail price. This ensures that the price of the staple commodity remains affordable to consumers, particularly low-income families.

What is Bfad?

Bureau of Food and Drugs. (BFAD) with regulatory. functions over food, drugs, medical devices, cosmetics.

How do I become a NFA rice dealer?

How Do I Start A Rice Retailing Business?

  1. Get The National Food Authority (NFA) License.
  2. Register Your Business.
  3. Buy Proper Equipment.
  4. Pick A Good Location.
  5. Invest In Proper Storage For Rice.
  6. Be Friends With Your Suppliers.
  7. Provide Good Customer Service.
  8. Set Aside Budget For Rice Supply.

What is NFA rice Philippines?

The Philippines’ National Food Authority (Filipino: Pambansang Pangasiwaan ng Pagkain, abbreviated as NFA), is an agency of the Philippine government under the Department of Agriculture responsible for ensuring the food security of the Philippines and the stability of supply and price of rice, the Philippines’ staple …

What is Presidential Decree No 6 A?

Title. – This Decree shall be known as the “Educational Development Decree of 1972.” (c) To strengthen national consciousness and promote desirable cultural values in a changing world. (d) Respond effectively to changing needs and conditions of the nation through a system of educational planning and evaluation.

How do I contact Bfad?

Landline: (8) 821-1177. (8) 821-1176. (8) 821-1220.

Is Bfad and FDA the same?

The Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) is hereby renamed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How do I apply for a NFA license?

Q: How do we apply for a license?

  1. Secure application form from the licensing officer upon payment of application fee;
  2. Accomplish and file an application with complete requirements to the licensing officer who in turn checks the documents and determines corresponding license fee;

How much is the capital of rice business in the Philippines?

How Much Capital Is Required To Start A Rice Business In The Philippines? You’ll need a capital starting at ₱50,000 for retailers and ₱250,000 for franchises, this is for people who want to sell a common product that has an existing market.