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What is the central message of Edwards sermon?

What is the central message of Edwards sermon?

The central message of the sermon is that God is filled with wrath for the sinners who have fallen away from the church and is ready to cast them all into the eternal suffering of Hell. Edwards preaches at length in very vivid and evocative language to terrify his listeners.

Why does Edward want his listeners to feel or experience what eternity is?

But Edwards wants his listeners to have a strong image of eternity they can’t easily shake out of their minds. Edwards does this because he wants his congregation to turn to Jesus immediately and start living redeemed lives. Using words like eternity is not going to work, as they flow through the mind like water.

What does Edwards know about his audience?

Jonathan Edwards gave his sermon during that period. His intended audience is probably two-fold. First, he knows that he is speaking to still faithfully strong Puritans. His second audience would be those Puritans who had wandered from the faith and had become uncertain of God’s place in their lives.

What is Edwards argument in his sermon what is he persuading his audience to do?

What is Edwards primary argument in this sermon? Jonathan Edwards’s main purpose in his sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” is to persuade his listeners to repent for their sins and find salvation in Christ.

What is Jonathan Edwards message?

In essence, Jonathan Edward’s is saying that the opportunity is now to embrace and accept Jesus Christ, his message, his teachings, and his sacrifice as atonement for sins. The choice must be made by those God is calling, through Jesus Christ, to either accept the call to repentance and a new life, or reject it.

How does Jonathan Edwards persuade his audience?

Jonathan Edwards uses several types of writing skills to persuade his audience of God’s intentions. His use of figurative language, analogies, imagery, and repetition all emphasize Edwards’s views. He uses fear, anger, and apathy to appeal to the audience in attempt to warn his audience of God’s intentions.

What does Edward want the audience to believe is morally correct?

He wants his listeners to realize that they will fail without God’s help and will to prevail. He wants them to understand that they are totally dependent upon God.

How does Edward audience respond?

Edwards wants the congregation to hear his sermon and instantly respond by refusing sin and embracing the grace of God. Near the end of the sermon, he speaks directly to specific groups of people.

What does Edwards assume his audience is afraid of how does he utilize these fears to his advantage what new fears does he cultivate?

In “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” Edwards assumes that his audience is afraid of going to hell. Edwards plays on this fear in urging this audience to turn their backs on sin and embrace the ways of Christ.

What is Edwards purpose for giving this sermon what about it makes this sermon effective for a Puritan audience?

Jonathan Edwards’s main purpose in his sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” is to persuade his listeners to repent for their sins and find salvation in Christ.

What makes Edwards final paragraph so persuasive?

Imagery is one of the components that were used by Edwards to make his story more persuasive. At the end of his sermon, Edwards does offer the hope of God’s forgiveness and salvation; however, he ends the sermon with the warning that if they are not saved, they should start running.

What was Jonathan Edwards main goal?

A leader of the first Great Awakening in colonial New England, and at that time a minister in Northampton, Massachusetts, Edwards sought to remind his listeners of the fiery punishment that awaited unbelievers, and to encourage them to follow the moral path he outlined.