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What is the history of Lanao del Norte?

What is the history of Lanao del Norte?

The province of Lanao existed from 1914 until 1959. In 1959, Republic Act No. 222 was passed by the Philippine Congress, partitioning Lanao into two provinces: Lanao del Norte and Lanao del Sur. The new province was inaugurated on July 4, with Iligan City as its capital.

What is Lanao del Norte known for?

Lanao del Norte is called “The Land of Beauty and Bounty”. Beauty because the exquisite gorgeousness of nature can be seen and experienced in Lanao del Norte with its cascading waterfalls, springs and lakes that dot the tropical landscape of the province.

What is the culture of Lanao del Norte?

Inhabitants of Lanao del Norte is a mixture of Maranaos and Cebuanos, with some Chabacanos, Tausugs, Yakan, and Bajau. On May 29, Lanao del Norte teamed up with Iligan City government for their joint cultural presentation and audience participation activities.

What is the epic of Lanao del Norte?

Darangen is a Maranao epic poem from the Lake Lanao region of Mindanao, Philippines. It consists of 17 cycles with 72,000 lines in iambic tetrameter or catalectic trochaic tetrameter.

What is the meaning of the province name Lanao?

The term Lanao is derived from a Maranao word “Ranao” meaning a body of water. “Maranao” means lake dweller. They are the natives of the place occupying the land around Lake Lanao, which is situated at the central part of Lanao del Sur.

What is the history of Maranao?

The Maranao are a splinter group of the Maguindanao who took up Islam; families tracing their religious origins to Sharif Kabunsuan, who introduced the religion to the region. Communities are clustered around a mosque and a torogan, a royal house belonging to the preeminent economic household in the area.

What type of climate does Lanao del Norte have?

Climate: Lanao Del Norte The climate here is tropical. Lanao Del Norte has a significant amount of rainfall during the year. This is true even for the driest month. According to Köppen and Geiger, this climate is classified as Af.

Which region is Lanao del Norte?

Northern Mindanao

Province Lanao Del Norte
Region REGION X (Northern Mindanao)
Population 680,352
Revenue 791,024,087.46

What image is portrayed of Mindanao?

Agusan image

Agusan image
Height 178 mm (7.0 in)
Weight 2 kg (4.4 lb)
Created 9th-10th Centuries AD
Discovered 1917 Esperanza, Agusan del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines

What is Mindanao known for?

A: Being the second largest island group next to Luzon, Mindanao has been dubbed the country’s “Land of Promise” because of its promising natural resources. It is also known worldwide for being home to the surf capital of the Philippines, a famous highly-urbanized city, and jaw-dropping beaches.

What is the theme of the story Darangan?

In addition to having a compelling narrative content, the epic explores the underlying themes of life and death, courtship, love and politics through symbol, metaphor, irony and satire.

What is Darangan story all about?

The Darangen is an ancient epic song that encompasses a wealth of knowledge of the Maranao people who live in the Lake Lanao region of Mindanao. Comprising 17 cycles and a total of 72,000 lines, the Darangen celebrates episodes from Maranao history and the tribulations of mythical heroes.

Where is the Lanao del Norte Province located?

The province is bounded by Iligan, in the north, Lanao del Sur and the province of Bukidnon in the east, to the southwest are Illana Bay and the Celebes Sea; and Zamboanga del Sur and Panguil Bay to the west. The term Lanao is derived from a Maranao word “Ranao” which means a body of water, of which “Maranao” means “Lake Dweller.”

What kind of religion does Lanao del Norte have?

Religion. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) report on 2015, 44.19% of the population of the Lanao Del Norte are adherent of Islam (predinantly Sunnites ). Other sizeable Islamic sects are Ahmadiya, Sufism, Shia etc. Other sects are Christianity, Buddhism and other beliefs.

What kind of economy does Lanao del Norte have?

The economy in Lanao del Norte is predominantly based on agriculture and fishing. Factories are mostly based in Iligan City. Lanao del Norte is the home of Agus Power plants 4-7 that stretch from Balo-i to Iligan City. It serves major parts of power supply in Mindanao. Tourism is also a growing economy in the province.

Who was the first governor of Lanao del Norte?

Republic Act No. 2228 divided Lanao in to two (2) provinces giving birth to Lanao del Norte and Lanao del Sur. The new province was inaugurated on July 4, 1959 making Iligan City as the capital. The Salvador T. Lluch was the first Governor.