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What is the main idea of the short story The scholarship jacket?

What is the main idea of the short story The scholarship jacket?

In “The Scholarship Jacket”, Martha learns a difficult lesson about not compromising to get the very thing that she has rightfully earned. This story addresses themes such as discrimination and perseverance.

Why did Marta Salinas write the scholarship jacket?

I wanted that jacket so much. It was more that just being a valedictorian and giving a little thank you speech for the jacket on graduation night. It represents eight years of hard work and expectation. I knew I had to be honest with Grandpa; it was my only chance.

What is the argument that Martha overhears?

What is the argument about that Martha overhears? Martha overhears her grandparents arguing that she is not a hard worker and does not deserve the jacket. Martha overhears her teachers arguing that Joann should be given the jacket instead.

What is the theme of the scholarship jacket by Marta Salinas?

This changed the meaning of the jacket because it was no longer a reward. Marta Salinas created the theme that hard work pays off, she displays this theme by showing how Martha feels with point of view, and foreshadowing. The characters in the story “The Scholarship Jacket” show that hard work pays off.

What is the author’s purpose in the scholarship jacket?

The author’s purpose for writing this short story is to entertain because the story wasn’t nonfiction or persuasive it was meant to grab the reader’s attention and draw them into the story.

Who wrote the scholarship jacket?

author Marta Salinas
“The Scholarship Jacket” is one of the best-known stories by Mexican American author Marta Salinas.

Who wrote the story the scholarship jacket?

What does the scholarship jacket symbolize?

The jacket represents determination and hard work and it also represents people getting what they deserve no matter their class religion race etc. In the end of the story Martha gets her rightfully deserved jacket and it was happy in the beginning because she worked hard and thought she was going to get her jacket.

What did Martha learn from her experience?

What does Marta learn when she accidentally overhears two teachers arguing? She learns that she might not receive the scholarship jacket even though she has the highest grades. He tells her that the jacket will cost fifteen dollars this year.

What is something that made Martha upset in this story?

Martha’s mood is that she is very sad and angry because right at the last minute the board made the jacket cost 15 dollars and that made her sad because if she don’t pay she won’t get the jacket, and she was angry because her grandfather would not give her the money to pay for scholarship jacket.

What does Martha learn from her grandfather in the scholarship jacket?

What important lesson does Martha’s grandfather teach her in the end? He teaches her to stand up for herself, and if the jacket is a reward then she shouldn’t have to pay.

When was the scholarship jacket written?

“The Scholarship Jacket” by Marta Salinas was first published in 1986. It tells the story of a young Mexican American girl who faces an injustice at school. It’s a popular short story for students.