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What is the meaning of Bindusara?

What is the meaning of Bindusara?

Therefore, Chanakya named him Bindusara, meaning “the strength of the drop”.

What is the other name of Bindusara?


Who defeated Bindusara?

It was later conquered by his son Ashoka. 9. Bindusara is known as “The Son of a Great Father and the Father of a Great Son” because he was the son of a great father Chandragupta Maurya and father of a great son Ashoka, the Great.

Is Samudragupta and Bindusara same?

Option D: Bindusara was known as Amritraghata. He was the son of the founder of the Maurya dynasty, Chandragupta and father of Ashoka the great. The correct answer is option B as Samudragupta is known as the Napoleon of India because of his great conquests.

Is Noor wife of Bindusara?

Rani Noor marries Samrat Bindusar because she loves him. However, for Samrat Bindusar this marriage is nothing beyond political alliance. What’s more by the time he has married her, he is already in love with Devi Dharma. So, he neglects not only Noor, but also his first wife Maharani Charumitra.

Who did Ashoka marry?

Maharani Devim. 286 BC
Asandhimitram. 270 BC–240 BCPadmavatim. 266 BCTishyaraksha

Who is son of Ashoka?


The Mahavamsa states that Devi gave birth to Ashoka’s son Mahinda in Ujjain, and two years later, to a daughter named Sanghamitta. According to the Mahavamsa, Ashoka’s son Mahinda was ordained at the age of 20 years, during the sixth year of Ashoka’s reign.

How did Rani Noor died?

She was killed by Susima. Noor’s ex-lover who hands up with her to throne Siamak.

Who was Noor Maurya?

Rani Noor is not a Maurya vanshi but is a Khorasani Khorasan province was situated in north east region of Persia (now Iran) and Persians followed Zoroastrianism. This makes Rani Noor a Zoroastrian perhaps that is why we see how Siamak, her son narrates Ashoka, the stories of Cyrus, the Great which his mother told me.

Who is Ashoka’s Favourite wife?

Samrat Ashoka Fell In Love with Devi Almost Instantly The love story of Samrat Ashoka and Devi is widely mentioned in the Ceylonese chronicles. She is said to be the daughter of a merchant who actually belonged to the Sakya clan – the same as that of Gautam Buddha.

Who is Ashoka favorite wife?

Which wife and which love story you Choose for Ashoka?

Poll Choice Stats
Devi (Buddhist wife) 47%
Karuwaki (Kalinga princess) 25%
Asandhimitra (Queen consort) 8%
Padmavati (mother of heir Kunala) 2%

Who is Ashoka wife?