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What is the port for Caracas?

What is the port for Caracas?

Port of La Guaira
After the founding of Caracas by Spanish in 1567, toward the turn of the 16th century, the Port of La Guaira emerged on the coast and, since that time, has been the gateway to Caracas. This coastal city, almost without land to develop and bathed by the Caribbean Sea, became an important harbour during the 18th century.

How many sea port in Venezuela?

Seven single authorities throughout different regions are established, sitting in the ports of La Guaira, Puerto Cabello, Guaranao, Maracaibo, La Ceiba, Guanta and El Guamache, all of them under the supervision of the Single Authority of the National Port System, sitting in Caracas (article 1).

Does Venezuela have a port?

The port authority of the country is managing, exploiting and maintaining the waterways including Venezuela ports. Venezuela ports have direct shipping connections with other countries through the important shipping lines.

Where is the port of La Guaira?

Where is the Port? LA GUAIRA is located at North Coast South America, North Coast South America in Venezuela at coordinates N 10° 36′ 12.60″ – W 066° 56′ 43.78″. The official UN/Locode of this port is VELAG. It is also known as MAIQUETIA.

What is Guaira?

Noun. 1. Guaira – a great waterfall on the border between Brazil and Paraguay.

What language do they speak in Venezuela?

Venezuela/Official languages

There are at least forty languages spoken or used in Venezuela, but Spanish is the language spoken by the majority of Venezuelans. The 1999 Constitution of Venezuela declared Spanish and languages spoken by indigenous people from Venezuela as official languages.

Where is Venezuela port?

The Port of Puerto Cabello lies on the shores of north central Venezuela on its Caribbean shores about 120 kilometers west of the Port of La Guaira and Venezuela’s capital city, Caracas. Vitally important to the country’s oil industry, the Port of Puerto Cabello is the biggest port in Venezuela.

What is the capital of Venezuela?


What region is Venezuela in?

listen)), officially the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (Spanish: República Bolivariana de Venezuela), is a country on the northern coast of South America, consisting of a continental landmass and many islands and islets in the Caribbean Sea.

Which country is La Guaira?

La Guaira, city, northern Distrito Federal (Federal District), northern Venezuela. One of the country’s leading seaports, La Guaira lies in the narrow, arid coastal zone along the Caribbean at the foot of the central highlands. La Guaira, Venezuela.

Do they speak English in Venezuela?

English. English is a foreign language with a great demand in Venezuela. It is spoken by many academics and professionals and by some members of the middle and high social classes.