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What kind of personality does Messi have?

What kind of personality does Messi have?

“Messi’s personality was very unassuming, very straightforward. He was introverted, but once he got out onto the pitch, he came alive. He’s always had a winner’s mentality, and he was always thinking about football, football, football, how to be the best.

Who is more disciplined Messi or Ronaldo?

#3 Messi is more disciplined and has more integrity Ronaldo has long since garnered the reputation of being a diver and someone who looks to go down at the slightest contact. He also often tries to get his opponents in trouble by play acting.

Is Messi intelligent?

Ronaldo and his eternal rival, Lionel Messi are probably the most consistent players in football history and one of the most intelligent ones.

Is Messi the best ever?

Over his 19 professional seasons, Ronaldo only reached Messi’s average output one time! And the greatness doesn’t stop there. Messi isn’t only, by far, the greatest goal-maker of his era. He’s also the best passer, and the best dribbler, and the best free-kick taker.

Why is Messi better than cr7?

Messi is a perpetual goal scorer Scoring 91 goals in a single season is a feat that Ronaldo can only dream of achieving- even in Real Madrid where players look up onto him of being the #9 and the #7 player of the team as well (#9=poacher, #7=talented / trickster). Messi has more free kick goals than Ronaldo!

Who is the cleverest footballer?

FRANK LAMPARD After all, the England legend reportedly scored over 150 in an IQ test with Mensa. That result meant that Lamps is among the most intelligent 0.1 percent of the world’s population.

Who said Messi is the greatest?

10 shirt in an interview with Marca published Wednesday. According to the Spanish publication, Ronaldinho stated that Messi is the greatest player the sport has to offer: “He is the best in the world, and there’s nothing more to be said.”

Is Lukaku educated?

Romelu Lukaku has been in the form of his life ever since he moved to Inter Milan from Manchester United. In addition, Romelu is fluent in five languages and complete his graduation in Public Relations.

Do footballers have a high IQ?

Most of football players in the world are evaluated based on physical health, speed, skills,… However, some famous football players have the highest IQ score and ranked top 5% the most intelligent people in the world, according to Stockholm University, Sweden.