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What made Henry think the tattered soldier might die?

What made Henry think the tattered soldier might die?

Henry is ashamed that he did not participate. He is scared that people will ask him questions about his war experiences that will expose his lack of courage. Henry is so upset and ashamed that he leaves the tattered soldier to die just to get away from him.

What is a spectral soldier?

a rare creature. Uploaded September 26th, 2020 by iventheassassin. Placeholder is: a giant frenzied leech. This mob spawns at 3356, 3303, -33 and at the bottom of the stairs at 1673, 2520, -340.

What is your opinion about Henry leaving the tattered soldier to die in the woods?

Henry- doubts his courage, pensive, fears and is overwhelmed by battle, runs in battle, leaves a soldier to die. Jim Conklin- very confident in himself, doesn’t doubt that he will fight, is energized by the receipt of the orders, fights bravely, dies bravely.

Who is the spectral soldier and what happens to him?

Henry sees “the spectral soldier” stumbling along, waving others away, wanting to be alone. On closer scrutiny, Henry realizes that this dying soldier is Jim Conklin. Henry is overcome with grief at the sight of Jim’s condition.

What did the spectral soldier fear?

The Tall Soldier grew paler and told the youth that what he was afraid of was not death, but that he would fall down and be run over by an artillery wagon.

Why did the tattered man keep talking to Henry?

Why did he keep talking to Henry? The tattered man kept talking to Henry since he hoped for companionship.

What does Henry realize about the tattered man?

Summary and Analysis Chapter 10 The tattered soldier’s reaction to Jim’s death is one of awe. After abandoning the tattered soldier in the field, Henry realizes that he is also alone and abandoned. When Henry begins to wish for death, the reader can see that the tattered man’s question had pierced his soul.

Why is Henry’s wound ironic?

Why is Henry’s wound ironic? Henry’s wound is ironic because he got it while he was fleeing, not in battle. How has Wilson changed, when Henry returns to the unit? When Henry returns to the unit, Wilson has become more confident.

What advice did the tattered man give Henry?

The tattered man tells Henry how he got shot in the head without even knowing it. He then describes Henry as looking pretty bad and warns him to take care of his own wound, one that might be inside, one that he might not even feel.

Who is the loud private?

Wilson. A loud private; Henry’s friend in the regiment. Wilson and Henry grow close as they share the harsh experiences of war and gain a reputation as the regiment’s best fighters.

How is Henry’s wound ironic?

What does MA Fleming realize that Henry does not?

Don’t go a-thinkin’ you can lick the hull rebel army at the start, because yeh can’t.” What does Ma Fleming realize that Henry does not? Henry will be only one small part in the machinery of war.