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What time period did Spinosaurus live?

What time period did Spinosaurus live?

112.03 million years ago – 72.1 million years ago (Albian – Campanian)

What era did the Spinosaurus go extinct?

Spinosaurus lived during the Cenomanian and Albain ages 94-110 million years ago. Spinosaurus became extinct 30 million years before T-rex appeared….Spinosaurus aegyptiacus fossils have been found in the following formations:

Mid-Late Cretaceous Formations Locations
“Gara Samani” Algeria

Did T-Rex and Spinosaurus live in the same time period?

The two creatures never existed at the same time. Since the T-Rex lived later than the Spinosaurus, it is the most well-known species of Tyrannosaurus and scientists know much more about it.

What was the strongest dinosaur in the Cretaceous period?

Dino Fact File

Name Tyrannosaurus Rex
height 20 feet
weight 8 tons
Range Western North America
Time Period Late Cretaceous Period

What was in the Cretaceous period?

Late Cretaceous/Period

Who is bigger Spinosaurus or Indominus Rex?

Spino is Larger, Longer Arms with Sharp Claws, and a Good Bite Force. T-Rex is Shorter, Smaller Arms, and Strong Bite Force.

What did the Cretaceous period look like?

The Cretaceous was a period with a relatively warm climate, resulting in high eustatic sea levels that created numerous shallow inland seas. These oceans and seas were populated with now-extinct marine reptiles, ammonites, and rudists, while dinosaurs continued to dominate on land.

Did T Rex live in Jurassic period?

tyrannosaur, any of a group of predatory dinosaurs that lived from the late Jurassic Period (about 150 million years ago) to the latest Cretaceous Period (about 65 million years ago), at which time they reached their greatest dominance. The best-known and largest member of the group is Tyrannosaurus rex, or T. rex.

Who would win Spinosaurus Vs Trex?

But Spinosaurus lived 10-30 million years before T. rex tromped the Earth. Had they been able to time-travel, though, there’s no telling what would have happened? who would win a Spinosaurus vs….Spinosaurus vs. T. rex.

Spinosaurus T. rex
How mean was it? Not applicable: it was a reptile. Reptiles don’t have complex feelings. Also a reptile

Who is stronger Spinosaurus or T Rex?

Spinosaurus was probably a bit longer than T. rex, though it was more lightly built. But Spinosaurus lived 10-30 million years before T. rex tromped the Earth….Spinosaurus vs. T. rex.

Spinosaurus T. rex
Huge, powerful jaws? Yes Yes
Carnivore? Yes Yes

Is the Spinosaurus bigger than the T Rex?

As long as a school bus and as heavy as an elephant, the Spinosaurus was the largest predatory (animal-eating) dinosaur to have existed — even bigger than Tyrannosaurus rex. The dinosaur had a narrow skull full of conical teeth like a crocodile’s and hips like a whale’s.

What did Earth look like during Cretaceous period?