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What two problems did William face when he became king?

What two problems did William face when he became king?

The people of the region were unhappy with the taxes being levied by the new king and were also being encouraged to rebel by Gytha, Harold Godwinson’s mother. William faced an on-going challenge of subduing parts of the kingdom, especially Wales.

What were Williams weaknesses in the battle of Hastings?


  • Had had to fight uphill so knights and archers were not as effective.
  • Foot soldiers were not as experianced as mounted knights.
  • Shield wall was a new concept for the knights – they hadn’t trained for it.

What did William do in the war?

William Williams (April 8, 1731 – August 2, 1811) was an American Founding Father, merchant, a delegate for Connecticut to the Continental Congress in 1776, and a signatory to the United States Declaration of Independence….William Williams (Connecticut politician)

William Williams
Spouse(s) Mary Trumbull

What problems did William face with the church?

William II had a fractured relationship with the Church as he often kept bishop’s positions empty, allowing him to appropriate their incomes.

What was one problem William had after crowned king?

The young Edgar Atheling, who was briefly crowned king after King Harold II’s death, surrendered to William along with the Archbishop of Canterbury Stigand. This meant that the south of England was secure, but William was faced with the problem of asserting his authority over a foreign population.

Why was William the Conqueror a bad ruler?

He says he was greedy, that he extracted way too much gold, and that he built far more castles than was necessary. That’s another crime against him, because William commanded hundreds of castles to be built in the 20 odd years of his reign. The writer also condemns him for introducing the Royal Forest.

What were Williams weaknesses?

His weakness led to a breakdown of authority throughout the duchy: private castles were erected, public power was usurped by lesser nobles, and private warfare broke out. Three of William’s guardians died violent deaths before he grew up, and his tutor was murdered.

What were Williams tactics in the Battle of Hastings?

William used the tactic of a false retreat in an attempt the break the shield wall and lure English troops off the ridge. Harold’s brother Tostig, joined forces with Harald Hardrada. The wind changed direction allowing William to sail to England when Harold was in the north defeating Harald Hardrada.

Did William Williams have slaves?

His slave trading activities took an extraordinary turn in 1840 when he purchased twenty-seven enslaved convicts from the Virginia State Penitentiary in Richmond with the understanding that he could carry them outside of the United States for sale.

What happened to William Williams after signing the Declaration of Independence?

Upon arriving at congress, he was too late to vote for independence, but he did get a change to sign the Declaration of Independence. He continued to serve on different committees until the end of the war. When the war began, William returned to his home and continued his life at his store and his church.

Why did William have a bad relationship with Robert?

Robert Curthose He was disliked by many nobles in Normandy for his arrogance and laziness. In 1077 Robert’s younger brothers tipped a pot full of excrement over his head and Robert attempted to gain revenge. King William refused to punish his two younger sons and so Robert raised an army against his father.

Why was there a succession crisis when William died?

After William I died there was a disputed succession because his eldest son Robert and him didn´t get along well, as Robert with the help of Bishop Odo started a failed revolution against William I. This meant William couldn´t trust Robert with England as he could go power crazy.