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What would Vandalia have been if it was approved?

What would Vandalia have been if it was approved?

The Vandalia Element It would have been the only colony without a seacoast, and it would have been based on vast acres of timber, water resources and plentiful wild game; it has been described as the biggest real estate venture in American history.

What was the proposed colony of Vandalia?

14th colony, to be named Vandalia, was proposed in 1769, and several years later residents of western lands claimed by Virginia and Pennsylvania moved to establish a 14th state, Westsylvania; these initiatives indicated an early interest in a separate government for the trans-Allegheny country.

Who was behind organizing the new colony of Vandalia?

In the southern Illinois town of Vandalia a different kind of colony was organized. Ferdinand Ernst, a wealthy German agriculturalist, organized, funded, and conducted a group of nearly one hundred German colonists to Vandalia in 1820.

What does the name Vandalia mean?

Founded in 1819, Vandalia, Illinois is located in Fayette County. The origin of the name is uncertain, but the name probably is derived from the Germanic Vandal tribe. The first of three capitol buildings to stand in Vandalia was a plain two-story frame structure.

What is Vandalia zip code?

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How many states have a Vandalia?

There are 11 places in the world named Vandalia! The northern most place is in the region Montana in America. The southern most place is in the region Texas in America. See products related to Vandalia on .

What is Huber Heights zip code?

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What county is ZIP code 45371 in?

ZIP Code 45371

Post Office City: Tipp City, OH (View All Cities)
County: Miami County
Timezone: Eastern (10:53am)
Area code: 937 (Area Code Map)
Coordinates: 39.9, -84.2 ZIP (~7 mile radius)

When was Vandalia Lake built?

This 660-acre lake north of town was constructed in 1967. Visitors can walk in the woods that border the lake’s 12 miles of shoreline or go fishing for largemouth bass, bluegill, and channel catfish.

Was Vandalia the capital of Illinois?

Vandalia, the second capital of Illinois, is steeped in history. Built in 1836, it is the oldest Illinois State Capitol building. The Federal-style white building which served as the Illinois State Capitol from 1836-1839 is impressive with its high ceilings, tall windows and vintage furnishings.

What is Vandalia Ohio zip code?

What is Centerville zip code?

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