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When did dilemma become a word?

When did dilemma become a word?

The word is recorded from the early 16th century, denoting a form of argument involving a choice between equally unfavourable alternatives; it comes via Latin from Greek dilēmma, from di- ‘twice’ + lēmma ‘premise’.

Is wonderous the correct spelling?

It describes things that inspire wonder, like a wondrous imaginary land or a wondrous display of beautiful, elaborate cakes at a pastry shop. The root is the Old English wundor, “marvelous thing, or object of astonishment.” Wondrous is tricky to spell because it’s missing the e in wonder.

How do you spell occurrence or occurrence?

“occurrence – correct spelling.”

Is dilemma singular or plural?

The plural form of dilemma is dilemmas or dilemmata.

Does dilemma mean two?

historical usage of dilemma The word dilemma combines di-, a prefix meaning “two,” with lemma, meaning “a proposition, theme, or subject.” Our world is filled with propositions, themes, and subjects—matters about which we have to make a variety of decisions as we move through life.

What does wondrous mean?

English Language Learners Definition of wondrous : causing wonder or amazement : very beautiful or impressive. See the full definition for wondrous in the English Language Learners Dictionary. wondrous. adjective. won·​drous | \ ˈwən-drəs \

What’s the meaning of the word Wednesday?

In fact, the name Wednesday actually derives from two mighty but distinct gods. The Old English word for Wednesday indicates that the day was named for the Germanic god Woden. In Romance languages, the name is derived from the Roman god Mercury. (For example, Wednesday is mercredi in French and miercuri in Romanian.)

Which is correct seperate or separate?

As an adjective, it means set apart, distinct, or not related. As a verb, it means to to set apart, to distinguish, or to divide. Separate is often misspelled as seperate, a word that has no meaning and is simply a misspelling: They took two separate rooms.

Is occurance correct?

there is no such a word “occurrance”. The correct way to spell is “occurrence”.

What is plural dilemma?

dilemma /dəˈlɛmə/ noun. plural dilemmas.

Is dilemma countable or uncountable?

in a dilemma (over something): I’m in a dilemma over whether to tell him or not….dilemma ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌

singular dilemma
plural dilemmas

What is a better word than wonderful?

admirable, amazing, astonishing, awesome, brilliant, cool, enjoyable, excellent, fabulous, fantastic, fine, incredible, magnificent, marvelous, outstanding, phenomenal, pleasant, pleasing, remarkable, sensational.