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When did Greenwell play for the Red Sox?

When did Greenwell play for the Red Sox?

Mike Greenwell
Runs batted in 5
Boston Red Sox (1985–1996) Hanshin Tigers (1997)
Career highlights and awards

How much is a Mike Greenwell card worth?

Mike Greenwell Baseball Trading Card Values

1985 TCMA International League All Stars #44 Mike Greenwell $4.53
1989 Topps #402 Mike Greenwell $0.23
1989 Topps #630 Mike Greenwell $0.34
1989 Topps Baseball Talk/LJN #119 Mike Greenwell $0.99
1989 Topps Big #211 Mike Greenwell $0.34

Why did Manny leave Boston?

Umpire Manny Gonzalez leaves Rays-Red Sox game after being struck in facemask by foul tip. For the second time in two weeks, an umpire has left a Red Sox game after being hit by a foul tip.

Who was the first black man to play for the Boston Red Sox?

Below is a list of the first Black players in Major League Baseball in chronological order….By team.

Team Boston Red Sox
League AL
Date July 21, 1959
Player Pumpsie Green

How much did Jose Canseco make in his career?

During his career, Jose earned $45 million in salary before taxes and fees. In 1990, Jose signed a five-year $23.5 million contract with Oakland. That’s the same as around $46 million today.

How old is Mike Greenwell?

58 years (July 18, 1963)
Mike Greenwell/Age

How much is a Wade Boggs baseball card worth?

Wade Boggs Rookie Cards

Item Title ▼ Price
1983 Topps Baseball #498 Wade Boggs Rookie Card $19.95
1983 Topps Baseball Complete Near Mint to Mint 792 Card Set with Rookie Cards of Hall of Famers Wade Boggs, Tony Gwynn and Ryne Sandberg plus the 2nd year ca.. $179.98
1983 Topps Wade Boggs Boston Red Sox Rookie Card #498 $12.99

How much is a Jose Canseco rookie card worth?

Jose Canseco Rookie Cards

Item Title ▼ Price
1985 Leaf 39 Jose Canseco Rookie Card 9N-MT $500.00
1986 Donruss JOSE CANSECO Rated Rookie Card #39 RC Oakland A’s. $9.99
1986 Fleer Baseball #649 Eric Plunk/Jose Canseco Rookie Card $3.99
1986 Jose Canseco Topps Traded # 20T Rookie Card in Mint Condition $3.95

What ever happened to Manny Ramirez?

Ramirez tested positive for a banned MLB substance in 2009 and served a 50-game suspension and then tested positive for a second time two seasons later (he retired shortly thereafter.) Ramirez maintained that he wasn’t able to take the field for the Blue Sox as a result of his oblique injury.

When did Manny Ramirez get traded to Red Sox?

Manny Ramirez Trades & Transactions

Manny Ramirez Trades & Transactions Baseball Trades & Transactions Involving Manny Ramirez
Manny Ramirez Trades & Transactions
10-27-2000 Granted free agency (October 27, 2000).
12-19-2000 Signed by Boston Red Sox (December 19, 2000).

How many games did Jackie Robinson play at 1B?

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson Fielding Stats
Team POS G
1947 Dodgers 1B 151
1948 Dodgers 1B 30
1948 Dodgers 2B 116

Who was the 1st black baseball player?

Moses Fleetwood Walker was the first African American to play pro baseball, six decades before Jackie Robinson — The Undefeated.