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When was beat surrender released?

When was beat surrender released?

Beat Surrender/Released

Who is the girl on the cover of Beat Surrender?

Cover art. The sleeve for the single, including the 12″ and the double single pack, featured Gill Price, Weller’s girlfriend at the time.

Who sang backing vocals Beat Surrender?

Before recording solo work for Respond, Weller sought to increase exposure for Young. He promptly used her for backing vocals on The Jam’s final single, “Beat Surrender”, which was released on 26 November 1982 and became the band’s fourth No. 1 single.

What was the Jams first album?

In the City
The Jam/First album
1, 1955, England). Formed in 1973 in Woking, near London, the Jam gained popularity on the English club circuit. Their energetic shows and sound drew comparisons with the early Who, and that band’s influence is evident in the Jam’s first album, In the City (1977), which solidified the group’s guitar-bass-drums lineup.

What was the last single by the jam?

Beat Surrender
‘Beat Surrender’: The Jam Go Out At The Top. The final single by The Jam, one of those rare cases where a band really did quit at the top, made its UK chart debut on December 4, 1982.

Why did the Style Council break up?

Largely that’s because the last album that we made didn’t get released by our label, Polydor,’ he told us. ‘We’d been working on it for a year, perhaps 18 months, and then we were hoping to go out on tour and promote it. ‘But the fact that they didn’t want to release it, it kind of just fast-forwarded the ending.

Who is Dee C Lee married to?

Paul Wellerm. 1987–1998
Dee C. Lee/Spouse
Personal life. Lee was married to her fellow Style Council member Paul Weller from 1987 until they divorced in 1998. They have two children, daughter Leah Weller and son Nathaniel Weller, who is known as “Natt”.

How rich is Paul Weller?

Paul Weller was born in Woking, England, United Kingdom, and grew up listening to The Beatles and the Who….Paul Weller Net Worth.

Net Worth: $10 Million
Profession: Singer, Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Composer, Record producer, Actor, Poet, Lyricist, Songwriter

What band was DC Lee in?

The Style Council1984 – 1989
Central Line
Dee C. Lee/Music groups
Early in her career, she was a member of the British band Central Line under the aliases Dee Sealy in 1981 and Dee C Lee in 1983. She was also a backing singer for Wham!, and then became a member of The Style Council, as well as performing as a solo artist.

How old was Paul Weller when he left The Jam?

He was 24. In an interview with The Face in the spring of 1982, Weller had given no sign that the group might be nearing its end. “If we split up there are other things I could do, obviously, but it wouldn’t be the same at all,” he said.

Do Paul Weller and Rick Buckler speak?

“We’ve not spoken since,” says Foxton. “It’s real shame. You know, I’m back friends with Paul again and Rick and myself seem to have fallen out. “After what my wife went through, and we all went through, it’s pathetic.

Who did Paul Weller play for?

The Jam
The Style Council1983 – 1989IncognitoBand Aid1984 – 1984
Paul Weller/Music groups