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When was Moorefield WV established?

When was Moorefield WV established?

Moorefield was originally chartered in 1777; it was named for Conrad Moore, who owned the land upon which the town was laid out. The population was 2,544 at the 2010 census….

Moorefield, West Virginia
State West Virginia
County Hardy
• Total 2.77 sq mi (7.17 km2)

What is Moorefield WV known for?

It was chartered in 1777 and is the second-oldest town in West Virginia. Moorefield is known for its friendly people, historical sites, and state-championship football. The Moorefield High School Yellow Jackets partici- pated in eight straight state-championship football games, from 1996-2003.

When was Hardy County WV established?

Hardy County/Founded
Hardy County was authorized by the Virginia General Assembly on December 10, 1785 and organized in February 1786 from parts of Hampshire County. It was named in honor of Samuel Hardy (1758-1785).

How did Hardy County WV get its name?

West Virginia’s location within the U.S. The county was created from Hampshire County in 1786 and named for Samuel Hardy, a distinguished Virginian. …

What county is Moorefield West VA in?

Hardy County

What mountain range is Moorefield WV in?

South Branch Mountain is among the largest and most prominent of the mountains in the Ridge-and-valley Appalachians of the Eastern Panhandle region. It forms the eastern edge of the South Branch Potomac River Valley from Springfield to Moorefield.

What mountain range are in Moorefield WV?

What is Hardy County WV known for?

Hardy County, in eastern West Virginia (WV), was created in 1786 and named for Virginia statesman Samuel Hardy. Its county seat is at Moorefield. Hardy County is renown for its scenery and productive farmland, much of which famously lies within the broad valley of the South Branch of the Potomac River.

What cities are in Hardy County WV?

Hardy County/Cities

Is Hardy County in the red?

(WHSV) – Hardy County has been shifted to a “red” county on the DHHR COVID-19 map. The COVID-19 infection rate is now 27.48% in Hardy County, while the positivity rate is up to 9.01%. This is the first time the county has been “red” since January and are currently the only county in the state that is “red.”

What county is Petersburg WV in?

Grant County

What town are in Hardy County?